Wake County Sheriff Election May 2022 Find The Election Result!


Today’s story about Wake County Sheriff Election 2022 will inform readers about the upcoming sheriff election in Wake County and its results.

Are you familiar with this election for Wake County Sheriff? In this article we’ll give you the whole story about the election. Wake County is a county situated within the North Carolina region of the United States. Within Wake County, the Sheriff’s office is the primary law enforcement authority that chooses the Sheriff for four years.

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Why Is This Election Trending?

The main goal of the Wake County Sheriff is to ensure better police services and the public is getting into the trend of this election because they seek to determine the winner in 2022. To be a Sheriff in Wake County, an individual must have these four fundamental values:

  • Good Moral Character.
  • Integrity in the work they do.
  • Service Consistency.
  • The accountability in their offerings.

The Sheriff of the past, Gerald Baker, was a Democrat elected in the year 2018. In his time the Sheriff performed his duties with integrity and commitment. The public is eagerly awaiting his Wake County Sheriff Election Results since, in the year 2020, he dissatisfied people by not dealing with the protests of the public “Black Lives Matter” which led to escalating conflict within the county.

Baker is also accused of inciting retaliation as well as discrimination against his former colleagues. One of the most serious of all is when Baker was able to save a close friend from being suspended even though he made racist comments during training. Baker instead, fired two employees who had reported the same incident.

In the end, there are rumors among people regarding who will become the next Sheriff, who can manage these situations better in the future.

Who Will Win the Wake County Sheriff Election 2022 ?

There are a of 10 candidates, comprising the three Republicans along with seven Democrats (Gerald Baker is the former Sheriff and is also in the election under the seven Democratic candidates) Participating in the vote.

The names are seven democratic senators:

  • Joe Coley,
  • Randolph Baity,
  • Gerald Baker (Former Sheriff),
  • Tommy Mathews,
  • Cedric Herring,
  • Roy Taylor, and
  • Willie Rowe.

Names of three Republicans are:

  • Donnie Harrison,
  • David Blackwelder, and
  • Tivon Howard.

It was a fascinating contest of votes between the 10 of the candidates. The result was different. Willie Rowe was the winner of his race in the Wake County Sheriff Election 2022 (in the Democratic Primary section) as well as Donnie Harrison (Former Sheriff) took the lead with Republicans with more than 80.


In this post we updated our readers of the specifics about the vote and its outcomes. We also gave some information about the background of the Wake County Sheriff. We have previously mentioned that Willie Rowe and Donnie Harrison were the winners in of the Democratic or Republic field and respectively. Click here for more information on this election. Wake County Sheriff Election.

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