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We’ll talk about Walmart on June 16th Ice Creampost on social media, which has been going very popular lately.

Do you know the reasons Walmart as well as Juneteenth Ice Cream are getting viral across the web? We’re all aware that Walmart is an American multinational corporation that runs an array of hypermarkets and has branches across Canada, the United States, Canada ,and all around the globe.

The Twitter handles of Walmart are very well-known among its customers. Recently, Walmart published a picture of Juneteenth Ice Cream, which has gone the internet buzzing. Let’s continue and learn more on Walmart Juneteenth Ice Creamin this post.

About Juneteenth Ice Cream post from Walmart Walmart

Recently, Walmart published a picture of Juneteenth Ice-Cream in celebration of its birthday. Walmart’s effort to mark the day with limited-edition private label ice cream has provoked widespread anger through social networks, with the retailer being blamed for ignoring and making money from a day celebrating Black people’s liberation from the rigors of slavery.

Walmart’s boldness in promoting the national independence day to commemorate ending slavery to all Black citizens, angered Twitter users. The post has had many unexpected consequences that Walmart did not anticipate and people who follow them on social media didn’t enjoy the Walmart posting.

What do people think of on Juneteenth? Ice Cream Great Value post?

Walmart has been accused of shaming via social media platforms for using the date Juneteenth as a marketing tactic. The ice cream being discussed comes from Great Value Celebration Edition Juneteenth that has a plea for customers to “share and celebrates African-American culture, emancipation, and enduring hope” on the label.

In social networks, some thought it was a tone deaf attempt by a huge retailer owned by rich white family members to earn money from the holiday of June 19th through the sale of an ice-cream similar to the flavor that is sold by a black-owned business. Thus, the Juneteenth Ice cream is Great Value was met with a lot criticism.

What did Walmart responded to reviews from customers on their Juneteenth post?

Walmart may not have been aware of this response from the people who are of social media. But, Walmart is taking it seriously and appears as if they have acknowledged their error. In the statement, Walmart said, “We are assessing our selection and will remove things as needed.”

The store also noted it was the “Juneteenth festival celebrates independence and freedom.” “However, we have got feedback that several items have caused some of our customer’s anxiety, for which we apologize.” So far, news regarding Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream are being discussed. We’ll keep you updated on the most current news in the coming days.

Final Verdict –

The article of Walmart has brought many problems for the incident, but we hope that it will serve as an opportunity for them to learn and Walmart has also apologized for the incident. We hope that you’ve found the information you were looking for. To read more reviews by customers who have reviewed Walmart’s Walmart page, check out this link .

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