Walmartgroup June Reviews Is It A Trusted Seller Or Not?


Read Walmartgroup reviews to verify the authenticity of offering a variety of accessories and utilities.

Are you interested in purchasing the finest and top-quality items on the internet within the United States? Are you a fan of the Walmart brand since it’s famous for providing reputed brands at a discount in bulk? Do you have the correct URL for the authentic Walmart website?

Are you aware that numerous fake websites are registered in order to imitate’s Walmart brand name to defraud innocent citizens? Let’s look at below to find out its legitimacy . Walmartgroup Review..

Brief: is a five-day old site that has caught the attention of internet users because it provides a variety of goods at an affordable price and includes:

  • Electric cookers,
  • Televisions,
  • Air filters,
  • Computer accessories,
  • Equipment and tools
  • Kitchen appliances and electronics,
  • Furniture,
  • Games,
  • Accessories and shoes. is a fake site since it’s not sponsored by Walmart. domain was created to capitalize on using the Walmart branding. There are a variety of websites that are part of WalmartGroup that have different domains, like ‘.net”, ‘.shop’, etc. also included links to social media on its site. However, further investigation shows that isn’t across any online social network site which suggests that is Walmartgroup legitimate? Hence, the information provided on is false.

Presently, gives a ‘403() error which limits its access. This means that it’s unavailable in many countries.


  • Buy household utilities at:
  • Pricing:between $59.99 to $99.99.
  • Physical address:613 South Fayette Street, Beckley, WV-25801, USA.
  • Social media links:included for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube However, these they are not active. Blogs and Customer Reviews:not supported by WalmartGroup.
  • General Terms and conditions:included and based on WalmartGroup.
  • privacy policyincluded however, it is a copycat of WalmartGroup.
  • phone (or) Whatsapp #:unspecified in WalmartGroup.
  • Store locatornot mentioned on WalmartGroup.
  • Walmartgroup Review on FAQ and Help: unspecified on WalmartGroup.
  • Shipping Policyunspecified in WalmartGroup.
  • Shipping policy:not available on WalmartGroup.
  • Refund Policyunspecified in WalmartGroup.
  • Restocking cost:unspecified on WalmartGroup.
  • tracking:not possible on WalmartGroup.
  • Refund Policyunspecified for WalmartGroup.
  • Policies on Refunds: unspecified on WalmartGroup.
  • Email address:
  • Method for Paymentvia PayPal for USD transactions only.
  • Newsletters provided by WalmartGroup.


  • A user-friendly user interface for WalmartGroup that allows for sorting, filtering and search for criteria
  • Images and descriptions of the product in detail are available on WalmartGroup
  • Also, you can find cost-effective products for less than $100 at WalmartGroup
  • WalmartGroup provides free shipping on everything

Cons to be determined the content of Walmartgroup Review :

  • The ineffective inventory management of WalmartGroup lets users order in infinite amounts of the exact item and is in contradiction to the limited purchase provision.
  • Specification of the products is not adequate on WalmartGroup pages for products
  • The address listed is an apartment that is rented to residents at the top of the list. This is why this address is fake.
  • It is difficult to contact WalmartGroup customer support since the contact number isn’t there and the address is fake.
  • Important policies such as delivery policy return policy, cancellation or refunds such as delivery policy, cancellation, returns, refunds. The policies are not specified on WalmartGroup.
  • Only PayPal is available as a payment option in WalmartGroup
  • The dimensions of shoes or accessories. could differ because items are shipped from different country.

Is Walmartgroup Legit?

  • WalmartGroup Creation: 10th June 2022, 10:02:16.
  • WalmartGroup Age: five days old.
  • WalmartGroup The last update was on No data.
  • WalmartGroup Expiry Date: the 10th of June, 2023.
  • WalmartGroup life expectation:eleven years and 25 calendar days.
  • Trust Index: WalmartGroup has achieved a Trust Rank of 1%.
  • Business Rankings:WalmartGroup achieved a Business Rank of 58.8 percent.
  • Origin:WalmartGroup originated in the country with the highest risk China.
  • The status of blacklisting WalmartGroup does not have a blacklist.
  • SSL Statusits address is The SSL Certificate is in effect for 84 days.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 29%.
  • Spam Score, Threat Score, Malware Score and Phishing ScoreNo data.
  • Walmartgroup Review of the Contact Person:not mentioned on WalmartGroup.
  • Connection Security: WalmartGroup utilizes HTTPS protocol.
  • Social Relations: WalmartGroup is not visible on social media.
  • Contact and Identity of the Owner:the contact and identity are both censored.

Customer Reviews:

One YouTube review as well as seven site reviews for indicate that it’s likely to be an Scam.WalmartGroup has a zero Alexa rating. Because accepts PayPal payment, we suggest that you learn more about PayPal diddles.

Review of the product is not supported by The absence of reviews, feedback, or ratings were found on social media or reviews from customers on review sites.


Walmartgroup Review Walmartgroup Reviewsconclude that is a scam. is a brand new website with a very short time. It’s registered in a country that is at risk. was not a good business. Trust, Alexa and Business Ranking. We don’t recommend because of the lack of delivery acknowledgments as well as reviews, customer feedback, and ratings. To stay clear of scams using plastic money, Read About the Plastic money diddles.

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