What You Need To Know About The Honey in Israel


Although the expression “Land of Milk and Honey” has Biblical origins, it still holds today. Using the great country’s natural resources and age-old beekeepers’ methods, producers in Israel still make the country overflow with honey nowadays. In addition to using it in teas, biscuits, pastries, and other regional treats throughout the year.

Israelis also savor locally made honey in Israel during the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. A pleasant new year full of prosperity and wellness is what we wish for, and honey, particularly when dipped in apples. You can still consume Israeli honey even if you live elsewhere! We provide a selection of honey made in Israel by regional producers in the nation’s south and north.

Where to Find Honey in Israel?


The Jerusalem Mountains’ broad hills are the ideal setting for beehives and honeycombs. The honey has a faint golden color, like Jerusalem, similar to how the sunlight shines off the Old City’s stone walls. Israel’s central wildflowers’ nectar produces pure, delicate honey in Israel that everybody will adore.


Israel’s most productive regions are up in the verdant highlands of Galilee, which extend from the Kinneret to Lebanon. Galilee is renowned for its stunning biodiversity, magnificent mountain peaks, and stunning streams. Floral and fruit orchards abound in this area, contributing to the production of sublime honey in Israel.


A century ago, people believed that the Negev Desert was merely barren ground unsuitable for plant growth. They had no idea that the Israelites could bring a variety of vegetation and wildflowers to the desert, causing it to flourish. Because of the wide variety of plants produced by local growers, beekeepers travel to the south to obtain dark honey in Israel with a rich depth of flavor.

Kinds of Honey

It comes With a Fruity Flavor.

Due to honey’s versatility in cooking and baking, everyone can frequently blend it with various flavors to produce delectable results. Israeli farmers often add fruit or regional herbs, such as mint, to honey in Israel to improve the taste and distinguish it from the competition.


Wildflower honey in Israel is what you must have if you want a traditional sweet and clean flavor. In Israel, you may find wildflowers virtually everywhere, and their honey has several excellent health advantages. In addition to giving your life a little extra sweetness, honey is also thought to assist with digestion, give you more energy, and, if you don’t mind having a little gooey, reduce wrinkles and heal wounds!

Date Honey

Date honey often referred to as “silan,” is a kind of honey that is entirely plant-based and is loved by both vegans and non-vegans. Dates are transformed into a luscious, gooey syrup that resembles bees’ honey rather than being produced by bees.

About Rosh Hashanah

It is customary to consume honey-dipped apples and other delicacies containing honey during Rosh Hashanah, including meat glazes, cakes, and more.

Try Out Honey in Israel Now!

You can find several kinds of honey you might like in Israel and give your friends some. After you travel to Israel, or if you want to feel like being in Israel while enjoying your honey, why not play fun activities with your colleagues related to Jerusalem?