When I Was 8 My Dad Was 31 Check And Solve The Puzzle !


This article explains how to solve the riddle. It is popular. You can read When My Dad Was 31 and when I was 8.

Are you aware of the current trending riddles? Have you ever tried to solve any riddles? Many riddles are popular on social media. Are you a lover of solving riddles? Do you love solving riddles? Here’s the solution to one of these riddles.

This kind of riddle is very popular in the United States. These riddles are very popular. My Dad was 31 when I was 8 years old.

The most popular social media riddle:

When I was eight years old, my father was 31. He is now twice my age. Which age am I? Riddle: Get a detailed explanation of the solution here. It is only 23. Below is the mathematic explanation. Riddle is gaining popularity on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. Riddles are a popular way to increase brain power, as well as for fun. Below is the link to play riddles.

My Dad was 31 when I was 8

You can also find the answer by using Riddle. My father, who was 31 when I was eight years old, can be found here. He is now twice my age. Which age am I? Riddle. This is a riddle. Puzzles and cognitive puzzles are a popular pastime. These are just a few of the many aspects of public media that are currently on the surface. Strange riddles are growing in popularity, despite the fact that delivering challenging puzzles remains a popular activity. Below is the arithmetic explanation.

The answer to the puzzle is that When i was 8 my dad was 31

Take a look at this viral puzzle that has been around for years. This puzzle is based on a fact: My father was 31 years old when I was eight years old. He is now twice my age. Which age am I? riddle.

You can speculate on the solution. Certain arithmetic is involved. What was the solution to this puzzle then?

The answer is 23.

Reason: The father is 31 years old, but the child is only 8 years. The difference between them can then be represented as (31-8=23). Here’s the When My Dad Was 8 answer

Adding additional points to provide a solution.

His father’s age should now be “x”. His son’s age should be “x-23.”


His father would have been 46 years old and his son would be 23. Therefore, son is 23 years of age.


It was found that riddles are more popular on social media platforms than they were in print. People are eager to find the answers after looking through the available online resources. Below is the solution to the riddle. Find out more about riddles, and play online

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