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Take the time to read this article thoroughly to find out more about the recently released Wordle Geography Game and other related details.

Are you interested in the various games being played around the globe? Are you aware of geo-based games? Are you searching for details on these games? If you’re looking for answers, then read this detailed article.

The latest game that geography-based addict around the world is looking for can be found in Wordle Geography Game. The game is quickly increasing in popularity across the world. If you are looking for all the details on the game take a look at the article.

About Wordle

The Worldle is a game based on geography that was in the spirit of Wordle.

Wordle Wordle is a daily word game invented by Josh Wardle. The game was a cult as players were able to guess the right word for an aforementioned question. The game also expanded to include mathematics-related questions. Additionally, it was adapted according to the demands of the globe and it became extremely well-known across the globe. .

Wordle Geography Game

People on social media confuse Wordle as well as the Worldle. It is important to note that the Worldle really is a geographical game that is growing in popularity each day. Antoine Teuf, a 31-year-old Web and video game designer located within Montpellier, France, has created the game. It’s an online, free game that is viewed as a the same as Wordle however, the developer would not like it to be considered something similar to Wordle.

The game offers six chances to guess the country’s name. In addition, clues are included with every prediction in regards to direction. The game can be complicated by turning or hiding the image that depicts the nation.

How To Play The Wordle Geography Game?

  • The map you receive is photos of the country on the map of the world.
  • You have six chances to determine the name of the country right.
  • Then, when you make your first guess and it’s correct, the game is over.
  • If your guess is incorrect If it is, you will be given directions and distances to help you.
  • Based on these clues You will need to take your next guesses in order to find the correct answer.
  • After six guesses, in case you’re still not able to determine the country’s name you can find the answer.

Users’ Reaction and Popularity of The Game

Popularity as per author:As per the creator Wordle Geography Game Wordle Geography Game was a hobby project for him, and he would run the game in his free time. But the game went viral and surpassed 10000 players within 10 days after he shared it on social networks. On Monday more than 570000 players participated in Worldle On Monday, over 950000 players were playing it.

Users have shared their experiences on Twitter and one user even posted his entire green score in the first try. One user stated that, out the four games, Wordle, Quordle, Octordle, Dordle, the one that he was most interested in was Worldle Geography.


Wordle Geography Game Wordle Geography Game is played all over the world and users are becoming connected fast and this indicates its growing popularity. At present, the game is available for free. However, it would be interesting to find out if it can be played for free in the future.

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