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Afghanistan Earthquake Wiki provides all you must be aware of this devastating calamity that struck on the night of the 21st of June.

Are you aware of the devastation of earthquakes that struck at around at 1:30 a.m. on June 22? It was an incredibly traumatic and shaken day for Afghanistan over the last two decades. A lot of people perished as well as their loved relatives due to the collapse.

The government from The governments of the United KingdomUnited StatesIndia as well as other countries is underway. We will look into the more in-depth information through the post-Afghanistan earthquake Wiki.

What’s the latest news?

As per the United States Geological Survey (USGS) the tremors were felt at a distance of 46 kilometers (28.5 miles) close to the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan region at the time of the in the magnitude range of 6.2 on the 22nd of June. The time local was around 1:44 a.m. as everyone was asleep at home. The earthquake’s wave was so powerful that the shocks could be felt across Pakistan, India and Iran.

As per the most recent reports that the tsunami has claimed close to 1000 lives and 1500 people suffered serious injuries by the devastation. Furthermore, it is reported that the death toll could rise. Afghanistan Earthquake This momentis the deadliest earthquake in the last 20 years.

The history of earthquakes that struck Afghanistan:

Afghanistan mountains have for a long time been vulnerable to serious earthquakes due to the collision between the Indian plate and Eurasian plates. Since more than a decade, more than 7000 and about 550 people each year have died because of earthquakes that have struck the region.

The latest quake hit in the city of Jan. 20th, killing 20 people and more than 100 homes collapsed. More than 200 people perished in the northwestern region of the country and in northern Pakistan in the 2015 earthquake which struck Afghanistan. In 1998 and 2002, the earthquake claimed the lives of the lives of 1000 and 4500, respectively.

What are the effects after the earthquake?

The disaster struck areas that were difficult to reach while the majority of people were in deep sleep. A minimum of 20 villages were damaged. Numerous schools, homes as well as mosques and hospitals were swept away and demolished because of the massive wave.

From Pakita province More than 4000 people were killed in the province of Pakita. The exact number is not known until the government is able to confirm the exact figures. In Khost province over 500 homes were destroyed and hundreds of injured people were taken in nearby medical facilities.

Response of the government to Afghanistan Earthquake News

With no delay the government was quick to act and launched rescue operations. Defense deploys helicopters that save life, help evacuate people trapped in the debris, initiate operations for the recovery of victims to prevent further losses and also provide food and medical aid.

The government has allocated one billion Afghanis money for the affected population. Transport and ambulance services are being increased in the affected region to ensure the survival of the people who have been affected. Relief teams in emergency and health and medical professionals were immediately deployed to manage the situation. Government officials are also looking for help from the humanitarian sector for Afghanistan earthquake in June 2022 by international agencies as well as neighboring countries.

How difficult is it for Afghanistan to handle the current situation?

Afghanistan was already afflicted by drought, hunger and a severe economic crisis. They lack an economy that can meet essential needs. 93 of households are unable to satisfy their needs for food. The currency of foreign exchange has dried up and many are suffering from the midst of a crisis.

Since the Taliban returned to the power, they also suffered from a health shortage and an inefficient health system. A number of governments have already barred Afghanistan and stopped providing aid to the country. In this scenario the devastation of nature could worsen the circumstances. But, following Afghanistan earthquake 2022 The government is doing everything within its power and is hoping that international agencies can help the survivors.

What’s the reaction of communities from other countries?

The response from foreign organizations is encouraging; they are prepared to assist whenever they can. UN distributed food essentials that are not food-based sanitation items, water, and other items. Iranian Red Cross Society is prepared to assist in medical emergency operations. Turkish Red Crescent provides aid in the form of food and other supplies. Pakistan provides relief supplies including food packages, blankets and other items across the border. In addition, nations like those of the United States, India, China, Japan and other organizations are willing to assist the Afghans. Afghanistan to defend themselves from this kind of crisis.


Afghanistan Earthquake Usgsrevealed the magnitude of 6.1 was recorded at 44km from Khost at 51 km in depth on the 22nd of June, 2022. The earthquake caused a devastating situation in which more than 1000 people have already died. The rescue operation is in the process of. You can read the wiki of the 2022 earthquake here.

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