Aladdin 2 : The Much-awaited Sequel Get All Details !


Disney has announced in February 2020 that the live-action sequel Aladdin (2019) is expected to make its way to the big screen soon. Here, you’ll learn all the information about the popular fairytale film, like the release date, the plot as well as the cast and more!

The Predecessors

The years 1992 and 1994 were the years of Disney’s Blockbuster films Aladdin as well as Aladdin 2: The Return of Jafar. The animated duo not only made significant money for Disney however, it also established the direction for musicals that are similar to be a part of.

Therefore, in the year the year of 2019, audiences were eager to see if this live action remake Aladdin (2019) was able to meet their expectations. Despite some criticisms of the blue Genie The film was popular with the public. It was a follow-up to the success of the 1994 film, featuring the same storyline , however it was enriched with new characters and songs. This was a good thing as it did be a perfect tribute to the 1994 predecessor.

Everyone was awed by seeing Will Smith as the Genie who made people laugh with his hilarious jokes. There was some backlash , however in opposition to the music. While the film is musical, the music did disrupt the flow of the plot, preventing the characters from developing deeply.

The film of 2019 made more than $1 billion on the world market which makes it the 9th most acclaimed movie of 2019 as well as the 34th highest netting movie of all time. So, it’s only appropriate for Disney to keep the momentum going with another sequel.

The storyline of Aladdin 2

The plot was developed by Oscar-winning scriptwriters; John Gatins and Andrea Berloff ( known for their films “Flight” and “Straight outta Here’ ). The plot will depart from the story of the 1994 version of ‘Aladdin: The Return of Jafar however, fans were expecting the exact opposite. We know this from a clear declaration by Disney that they have no plan to replicate the plot of the film from 1994. In all likelihood, who wouldn’t like to see new characters and a compelling storyline?

The fantastical world of Aladdin continues to delight both young and old-at-heart viewers with its captivating songs and gorgeous cinematography. The audience will feel the warmth emanating from the charming characters from Aladdin as they did in the previous beautiful adaptation of the classic fairytale.

It will feature a war between the heroes and villainous and evil characters such as Jafar which makes it an enjoyable experience to watch while eating cups of popcorn. There are certain things that never change when you watch the classic Disney film.

The Cast

The original characters will be expected back in the sequel, like Mena Massoud in the role of ‘Aladdin’ Naomi Scott as ‘Princess Jasmine as well as Will Smith as the ‘Genie as well as Navid Negahban, who plays the “Sultan”. Honest Welker will be voicing as ‘Abu’. Fans want to see the return of Marwan Kenzari’s character Jafar. Of course, the addition of new characters will bring a fresh taste in the production.

The release date is expected to be Aladdin 2

There aren’t any specifics regarding the release of Aladdin 2. There are signs that it’s due to release around 2022. Disney’s history tells us that sequels will be released around 2 years after. Additionally, you have to think about the amount of films being planned for production within Disney’s Walt Disney banner, including Disney’s Marvel, Pixar, 20th Century as well as Lucasfilm studios.

Disney films can be watched online via streaming on Disney Plus when it launches in the year 2019. However, when Aladdin 2 premieres, cinemas will be filled with fans who will flock to them , as the large screens have always held an appeal.