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This post discusses Citibank Sunset Blvd Reviews as well as other details regarding the incident.

Recently, the Citibank branch in the United States was in the news as well as across Canada. The bank is being criticized for refusing to accept a $30K check from an 11-year-old girl who went to the branch at Sunset Boulevard, 5000. According to sources, the young girl claimed that she was given a $30K rent check by her father as a deposit. The bank refused to accept it.

We will also explain the details of the incident in this article. We will also give details to our readers about the Citibank Sunset Blvd Reviews as well as more information.

Why Citibank is in The News?

There are many comments and reviews on the recent incident at Citibank’s branch at 5000 Sunset Blvd. Users are posting contrasting opinions and reviewing the situation on social media and internet forums.

According to sources, a young girl brought to the bank a $30K check, which she claimed was given by her father. According to sources, the check was meant for depositing $30K in rent at the bank. The bank refused to accept the check, which caused a stir on the internet.

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What are the Customer’s Views on The Bank?

There are many ratings for the bank branch on the internet. It is rated at one star out 5 and 1.2 stars out 5.

One user explains that the bank took the check the young woman brought to the bank. According to sources, the bank threatened to lock her in the banks and tried to call the police because she had recorded the whole thing.

The bank also considered the check illegal and refused to release it. They then confiscated it.

Citibank Sunset Blvd Reviews More Information

Mixed reviews are available about the incident and the bank. A few users highlighted that the bank followed protocols to verify checks, particularly for $30K.

One user also asked if she has an account at the bank. In the comments, the user asked if the check was personal or cashier. We recommend that users carefully read the Citibank Sunset Blvd Reviews.


Citibank is a highly-respected financial services MNC. It operates in 19 countries with more than 2,649 branches. It also has 723 branches in the US. Its branches are located in major cities like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, as well as Miami, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Miami.

The incident took place at the Los Angeles branch at 5000 Sunset Blvd. We recommend that users read through all comments to learn more about the incident, before making any decisions. Are you looking for Citibank Sunset Blvd Reviews information? You can read to learn more about what has happened here.

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