Atom Tickets May 2022 Scam Know What Are The Facts Inside!


Find out exclusive information about the Atom Tickets Fraud. Learn the reasons behind frustration among its users. launched on the 19th of July 2019. It does not know where it came from. It has gained popularity with Alexa users in the United States. It is currently registered until 19 July 2025, so it has a long lifespan. sells tickets for film and other events., a website offering tickets for film and other events worldwide, is located in the country where it can be accessed. Let’s examine the Atom tickets scam.

Legitimacy Details: has a great trust score of 86%, and an excellent ease of doing business ranking at 100%. is now ranked at 74,624, thanks to Alexa skills. It also has an NIL suspicion, malware and threat profile, which makes it legit. uses secure HTTPS protocols to transmit data. It also has a valid SSL certificate valid for IP for 295 days. is a prominent presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with over 1,065,514 followers. Atomtickets apps on Apple and Google Play are rated 4.9/5-stars.

What are Atom Tickets? displays the latest movies in local theaters, based on user’s zip codes. Atomtickets offers gift cards via regular mail or eGift cards to employees, friends, and family. can be downloaded as an iOS or Android app. This is equally popular with non-Alexa users. Atomtickets offers exclusive offers and rewards. Atomtickets members can join loyalty programs associated with local theaters.

Its server is in the USA. Bryan Bowles, Ameesh Paleja and Matthew Bakal are the co-founders.

Atom Tickets Scam recently launched ALEXA SKILL. This can be accessed by asking Alexa launch Atom, asking Alexa for film tickets, or checking out which films are playing in your area. For faster checkout, the Alexa skill links your Amazon account with Atomtickets.

Positive customer reviews emphasized that purchasing tickets is easy because Atom skill automatically takes user information and displays the result based on zip code. Atom syncs with wallet without the need for any user information.

Customer Reviews on Scam:

Are Atom Tickets Legit The negative skill reviews for AtomTickets point out that users’ accounts get disconnected frequently; it is difficult to navigate and almost impossible to imagine everything happening. Customers did not receive confirmation even after placing an order on AtomTickets. In some cases, tickets were not delivered after confirmation.


Atom The Alexa Skill averages a rating of 3/5 stars from 613 ratings on Other websites have ratings between 1.4 and 3/5 stars. Customers were confused by the skill’s technical flaws and believed it was a scam. The Atom Tickets Scam investigation proved that Atomtickets’ website and app were legitimate.

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