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In this article we will discuss how to determine the Australian Federal Election Results 2022 that are yet to be announced.

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The Australian Federal Elections were held on the 27th of May. They were held by the Labor Party is leading the elections in Australia. Many people are interested in knowing more about Australian Federal Election Results 2022. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the election and give the most recent information about the results of the elections.

What is the Australian Federal Election?

The Australian federal election of 2022 was held on the 21st of May 2022. It was a vote to elect members of of the 47th parliament of the nation. In the election, the Labor Party is leading by one seat. If they are able to win one of the three seats that are awaiting results and form the majority government.

Its current Liberal or National coalition government which is headed by the 30th Prime Minister Scott Morrison, sought reelection for a fourth consecutive term but was defeated to the left by Labor Party. Labor Party, headed by Anthony Albanese.

This election also was won with the Greens, One Nation, United Australia Party as well as other smaller parties, as well as independent candidates.

Australian Federal Election Results 2022 : Candidates List

With four Indigenous candidates running for the Coalition and 11 from Labor and 17 from the Greens 2022’s election featured the highest number of Indigenous political leaders of any election in Australian history. Here’s a list the leaders of the parties in this election:

  • Scott Morrison from the Liberal Party.
  • Barnaby Joyce of The National Party.
  • Anthony Albanese from the Australian Labor Party.
  • Adam Bandt from the Australian Greens.
  • Pauline Hanson from the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party.
  • Craig Kelly from the United Australia Party.
  • Jacqui Lambie of the Jacqui Lambie Network.
  • Rex Patrick from the Rex Patrick Team.
  • Other Independent Leaders.

What is the Current Update for the Australian Federal Election Results 2022?

After having won the federal election, Anthony Albanese was declared Australia’s next Prime Minister on Monday. But, there at least three seats been assigned. The chances of Labor creating a majority government are undetermined.

Labor needs 76 members in the House of Reps to create an majority in parliament. On Saturday night, Labor retains 75 seats according to the ABC live tracking of the news.

As the Labors sit at 57, other seats are averaging 16. Therefore, there are three seats yet been assigned. The Labor party requires just one seat in order to become as the victor of Australian Federal Election Results 2022.

Which are the Last Seats in Doubt?

The most recent three results that are yet to be announced include Deakin Gilmore as well as Macnamara.

For the Deakin district, Liberal Party candidate Micheal Sukkar is leading with 50.4 percent against Labor Party Leader Matt Gregg with 49.6 percent..

At Gilmore at Gilmore, in Gilmore the Liberal Party is leading by only 0.2 percent. At Mcnamara Mcnamara, it is the Labor Party is leading at 61.4 percent..


It is believed that the Labor Party is leading one of the three uncertain seats. If they get that seat they will make up the government with majority. To get more live updates regarding the Australian Federal Election,click here.

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