Baby Car Seat Placement Guide


A car seat is the best way to keep your child safe while driving. However, for the same, you need to know how to place the baby car seat. 

Today, we will answer the questions about the placement of a baby car seat so that you know how to use the seat the right way.

When to face the baby forward in a car seat?

Until the height and weight of the child are within the rear-facing car seat height and weight limits, the child should use it as a rear-facing car seat. 

When the child outgrows the rear limits, the seat should be used face forward.

If you go through the car seat manual carefully, you will realize that there are different limits for the rear-facing position and forward position. The limits for the rear-facing position are usually higher in most seats. 

That is why, once the child outgrows the specifications of the rear-facing seat position, the seat should be used in the forward-facing mode. You can get a detailed outline of which size fits each car seat at

When to switch to booster seat?

Usually, when your child weighs 65lbs or more, you can switch over to the booster seat. 

However, this is only a single condition for switching to a booster car seat. You might switch to a booster seat in two other conditions. These include:

  • When your child is 4 feet tall, it is ideal for switching to a booster car seat.
  • If you believe the child can sit maturely in the seat and wear the seat belt, it is better to switch to a booster seat.

If you’re looking for an age limit, usually when children are between five years of age to 9 years of age, they start to meet the criteria we have highlighted above.

Which side is safer in the baby car seat?

Usually, the Centre position of the rear seat of your car is safer. This position will be furthest away from the car in case of an accident. That is why the impact in this position is also on the lower side; therefore, your child can undoubtedly remain safe in case of an accident.

Place car seat behind driver seat, passenger, or middle?

In the back seat, it is a good idea to place the car seat at the Centre. The seat should neither be behind the passenger nor the driver if you’re looking for the best place to install the seat in the rear seat of your car.

Is car seat safe for newborns?

Yes, the car seat is safe for newborns and infants alike. There are, however, a few caveats for this. 

Firstly, you should buy a seat from a reputed manufacturer who follows all the rules and regulations. 

Secondly, the weight and height limit of the child should be within the range specified by the seat manufacturer.

Also, the car seat is only safe for infants and newborns if you install them appropriately in your car and if the harness is in place.

All in all, if you’re following the installation procedure and the weight and height limits of the seat manufacturer, it is undoubtedly safe for newborns.

When to remove the newborn insert?

Usually, it is a good idea to remove the newborn insert when the child reaches the age of six months. A few other indicators can also let you know of the same.

1. Child outgrowing the newborn inserts:

If before 6 months of age, the child outgrows the newborn insert, it is advisable to remove it.

2. Observe the position of the baby:

If you have to make a lot of effort to put the baby into the newborn insert because of the size of the baby, it might be an indication that the newborn insert is no longer needed. 

Apart from that, when the child is in the newborn insert, you have to adjust the head position of the baby as well. Removing the newborn insert makes sense if the head position is not appropriate or comfortable for the baby.

After you remove the insert and place the baby in the seat, you have to look at the position of the shoulders and the guidelines marked on the seat. 

If the shoulder positioning is according to those guidelines, you did the right thing by removing the newborn insert.

You can approximately remove the newborn insert from the seat after the child attains six months of age. 

Apart from that, you can use the above few indicators that we have highlighted to decide whether it is time to remove the newborn insert or not.

Thus, using the guide above, you can know how to use the baby car seat right and when it is time to install it in a different position or remove the newborn insert altogether.