Boost Your Team’s Efficiency: Why Repmove is a Necessity for Successful Sales


For good and effective trading today, it is no longer enough to simply communicate pleasantly with customers and sell goods and services of sufficiently high quality. The requirements of the modern sphere of business, trade and provision of services are to keep up with modern innovations, which can significantly increase trading activity by shifting part of the production work to technical innovations.

Such a novelty is RepMove – a new and good sales planner and a reliable assistant in designing trade routes and organizing the movements of sales workers. With this application you will always have a reserve of time and organize the routes of your employees as efficiently as possible

Help with work is fast and productive

Among the obvious benefits of the RepMove application, it is worth noting the ability to set walking and transport routes for traders, improve the procedure for visiting retail outlets, and meeting with clients. The main functionality is route optimization software – the creation of a personal map of a trade worker’s route, which assumes a holistic vision of his activity and the sequence of sales meetings, allows him to take into account all possible problems that affect the speed of movement of the worker, increase or reduce the productivity of his work. The use of geolocation systems makes it possible to take into account current information about routes and movement, and road occupancy.

Fabulous payment

You can use all the functionality of the application for a very small fee. All new users are offered a free trial version of the application to familiarize themselves with the functionality. After that, you have the opportunity to get different subscription options – advanced for $10.99 or premium for $14.99 per month.

You will find all the information about RepMove on the website , where there is a training section and all the necessary information for use, and the best employees will always help you stay up to date with the latest technical innovations to implement the best trading ideas.