Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 Read To Know How To Solve It


This post discusses Pokemon Error Code 10015 and the solutions.

Is your Pokemon Home app giving you error 10015? Pokemon Home, a cloud-based service that allows you to store and transfer Pokemon between different Pokemon games, is something you might already know.

This platform is very popular among gamers in the United States as well as many other countries. Therefore, the news about the error has been trending. Let’s talk about Pokemon Home briefly and then discuss Pokemon Home error code 10015further.

What is error 10015?

This error has been reported by most users of Pokemon Home recently. It is not known if anyone knows the solution. For the moment, error 10015 remains unknown.

We haven’t been able to find the solution or meaning of the error after much research. Most gamers believed that the error was caused by hacks to the Pokemon games. This is just a guess. However, the game’s support shared possible solutions to error 10015. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Solution provided Pokemon Support to fix error code 10015 –

The error is still unknown. However, as we mentioned, below, we have provided a possible solution that can be shared with the platform’s support.

  • You can fix the problem by deleting the save data for Pokemon Home from your Nintendo Switch, and then restart the game.
  • You can also delete the software and reinstall it.

This method has been tried by many gamers, but they still get the error 10015. You can wait until the error is resolved. If you have not yet contacted the Pokémon Home Support, please do so and wait for the error message to be resolved.

What were the reactions of gamers to error 10015 in Pokemon Home?

This error is frustrating and confusing for gamers. One player stated, “Been dealing with it all day. I sent a ticket to support. Another player mentioned that it would take 3,000 years for something to be done. “We only hope that it will be fixed soon. These reviews are common on social media and the internet. We are currently investigating the error 10015 and will keep you updated as soon as we have the solution.

Final Verdict –

We would like to say that until you find the solution to the error 10015, you can continue playing the games you are currently enjoying. As a potential solution, here is the link to an article that was shared by support at Pokemon home.

Are you able to solve the problem? Let us know if you have any other suggestions in the comments section. You can also share this PokemonHome Error Code 10015post with others.