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Now you are looking for Facolto review. You searched for Facolto.com reviews to find out if Facolto.com is legit Facolto fraud or a legitimate business.

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What is Facolto.com all about?

Facolto sells Beauty,House,Gargen,Outdoor and Trends category. You can also find Natural Curlz or Power Bands. The trust score for this site is 21/100.

Facolto Website:

  • Website name: Facolto
  • Email: Contact@facolto.com
  • Contact Address: Your email address has not been provided
  • Contact Number: This contact number is not available
  • Products Category Beauty,House,Gargen,Outdoor and Trends
  • Product Name Natural Curlz. Power Band. Juice Genie – Manual Juicer. USB Charging Bracelet Heatless hair curlers Power Shield – Business Travel Bag. Set of Magic Track – Zero Gravity Cars
  • Options for payment: Payment mode includes visa,venmp,shoppay,paypal mastercared,Gpay,Metapay,Discover,Dinersclub,Applepay and American Express
  • Delivery time: Delivery times not listed on the site
  • Return Policy: Contact at Contact@facolto.com after 15 days.
  • Social Media Links: No social media links.

These points will help to understand the legitimacy and credibility of the website. Let’s take a closer look at the website’s positive and negative aspects.

This website Facolto Review is a problem

This website has a low trust score 21/100 which raises trust concerns. Other sites have left negative reviews about this portal. It was created on 2023-01-04.

This website offers many benefits:

  • For consumer safety, HTTPS is available.
  • It offers all the relevant and easily accessible policies for customers.

Now you are familiar with the website’s positive and negative sides. Let’s look at what points prove the website is legitimate and fraudulent. If you have any comments, please read the next section. This section can be helpful for many who are still unsure about the site.

Facolto Website is legitimate or fraudulent: Here are some facts to support it

  • Website Age. Website was created on 2023-01-04
  • Maximum Discounts: Maximum Discount of 50%
  • Website Trust Score 21/100
  • Contact address and legitimacy of are not provided
  • Customer Complaints There is no review yet
  • Email ID legitimacy: Contact@facolto.com
  • Returns and Exchanges: “The fastest way to ensure you get the item you want is to return it. Once you have accepted the return, then you can buy a new item.”

Frequently asked questions about the onlie store

Which payment method does the company use?

Payment option avaialable – Payment mode includes visa,venmp,shoppay,paypal mastercared,Gpay,Metapay,Discover,Dinersclub,Applepay and American Express

What is the delivery time frame?

Delivery time is not included in the website.

What is the age of your website?

This website was registered on 2023-01-04

What is the discount they offer in their store?

The maximum discount on their website is 50%

How can I get in touch with them?

Contact@facolto.com is their email address, but the contact number and address are not available.

Find out how to get a refund if you have been scammed.

Our Opinion on Facolto

The site’s trust rating is 21/100, meaning that it is less frequently visited. It has a trust score 1 out of 100. Customers are welcome to give feedback. Some people have criticized the prices of popular portals. We checked to determine if the prices were too high or low. We recommend you do extensive research on this site before making any purchases.