Flexe.us Nov 2022 Reviews – Know Its Legitimacy Here!


Looking for the Flexe review. You have landed on the right page. We have attempted to give you as much information as possible about this website in the review section. You can simply read this page to find out if Flexe.us is a scam or a reliable company.

What is Flexe.us?

You can shop online for multiple products, such as Alightup 5.5ft 875 Branch Christmas tree, 7FT Iron Leg Christmas tree with 950 branches, 7FT Spray white PVC Christmas tree with 960 Branches, Christmas Tree 7FT 1350 Branch Flocking spray white Tree plus Pine Cone, and 22in Tabletop Christmas tree w/ Lights. There are many things that you need to know before shopping at it.

We have classified Flexe among the most suspicious sites for the following reasons:

Address of the Company:

Its company’s address is provided on Contact Us page and at the bottom of the website as 2457 South 127th East Avenue,Tulsa,Oklahoma,74129. According to Realtor.com, this address has a residential home. The online store does not provide a contact number, but legitimate companies will always make this information available on their websites. It is clear that the company is trying to conceal the information. Therefore, we will not trust this company with any type of online shopping.

Although the provided address is in USA, the Terms of Service page states that its services will be governed and construed according to Pakistani laws. How is it possible for a company from the USA to be governed under another country’s laws? It is a false statement.

Copied content

Many of the content, including its website theme, match multiple problematic sites.

Returns and Exchange

It also has a Return and Refund Policy that is very unrealistic for exchanges and returns. These websites have confusing terms that make it almost impossible to receive the full payment.

Our Final Verdict:

All of these reasons lead us to conclude that Flexe is a suspicious website.

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Many online shops claim to offer huge discounts on many items, but they are often scams. Avoid these online shops or do your research before buying anything. Most of these online stores won’t ship the items purchased to clients, or deliver inferior or unreliable items. Scam online shops may charge clients their credit cards randomly, without their consent. If you’ve ever been charged incorrectly by a scam website, you should immediately notify your bank or credit union to protect your credit card details.