Garage Doors For Your Home – Choose Wisely


Selecting a suitable garage door for your property Is vital. A garage is part of, if not integral to your home, so you must get it right. 

Choosing the right one is not an easy task and you must take into account a number of factors when making your decision.

First of all let us look at the various types of garage door:

  1. Up and Over Doors. This will do exactly what the name suggests – it goes up and over into the garage space and is the easiest and, usually, the least expensive option. It is relatively easy to install both as a manual and electric option. 
  1. Sectional Doors. A slightly more intricate option, this consists of doors built in panel sections that open by sliding upwards and then curve back. Great for automation and saves space.
  1. Slide Hinged. These doors open just like traditional double swing doors and can be perfect for garages that need to have regular access. 
  1. Roller Doors. These open vertically and, rather than go back like up and over doors, they simply curl up, thereby saving space. They are most suited to garage spaces with limited headroom.
  1. Round the Corner Doors. These slide away to one side of the garage wall and are a great option for garages that need pedestrian access. Again, perfect for areas with limited headroom.

Choosing Your Garage Door

These are the factors that you need to take into consideration:

  1. Dimensions. This is the starting point on your journey choosing residential garage doors . Do measure up precisely – determining the height and width of your door frame. Get professional help if you are usure as this is critical. 
  1. Budget. Not everyone has deep pockets, so do have an idea in your mind as to what you would reasonably want to pay. A number of factors influence the cost – including style, materials, customisation and manual / electric options.
  1. Garage Styles. We have discussed these above. Investigate the different options and decide on the one that best suits your requirements. If cost is an issue, you may wish to compare the costs of each style in order to identify one that best meets your requirements and budget. Also, of course, it must match your home.
  1. How Are You Intending to Use the Garage Space?  Do you intend to use it for housing your motor vehicle, as a living space or just for storage? Do you need regular easy access?
  1. Security. Always important but vital if your garage is integral to your property. 
  1. Materials.  The choice, basically, is – Steel or wood. Whilst wood is the traditional choice, steel will require less maintenance and may be more secure. 

At the end of the day, as you will have gathered, it is not straight forward. However, help Is always at hand in the shape of the garage door salesperson! Do look to get quotes from a number of companies; they will be happy to give you free advice and discuss available options.