How Can You Get To Area Elden Snow Way From Medallion


The next article on how to get to Area Elden Snow will provide you with the steps to locate Haligtree Medallion.

Have you ever played Elden Ring? It’s one of the most popular games and the players have shown with a lot of admiration. But, there are many players who face difficulties accessing an Elden Snow Area in Canada, Germany, the United States and in the United Kingdom, Australia, and all over the world.

How to Get to Area Elden Snow? This is a common question from gamers. Therefore, we’ll attempt to solve your issue and offer a answer to your problems. Please read this article.

About Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an action game that was released on February 25 2022. The game has been dominating the hearts of a lot of gamers within a relatively short time. Bandai Namco Entertainment has published the Elden Ring, and FromSoftware is the game’s developer. The game was released on a variety of platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series. Yui Tanimura, and Hidetaka Miyazaki served as the directors.

How to Get to Area Elden Snow ?

  • To get to The Snow Part is the most thrilling task in this Elden Ring game. However, the way to get it is a challenge the majority of players. Since the game’s launch just a few days ago, players face challenges getting to Snow Section.
  • If you’re playing the game, you may have missed a north part. This area of snow offers protection for enemies, boss fights and other items. If you’re looking to get to the snowy area you must be wearing a special medallion. This Medallion is known as Haligtree Secret Medallion.
  • Our study on how to get to Area Elden Snow found that this unique Medallion is accessible in two parts, i.e., leftand right. Do you know where they are in the area? If not you should read the article ahead.

Right Haligtree Medallion

You can find the correct portion of Medallion in a village called Albinaurics situated in southwest Liurnia. You must head toward the village, and then go to the east side towards the top of the hill. You will have to take on the enemy. But , don’t go over the flyover before going to the east. There will be an unidentified pot, and the non-playing characters will be revealed. In accordance with the instructions on how to get to Area Elden Snow, the NPC will present the players with the correct Haligtree Medallion.

Left Haligtree Medallion

  • In order to continue the game and you will need to the Giants region located at the Mountaintops. You will come across the castle Castle Sol. It is location of the Left Haligtree Medallion.
  • Once you have reached the topmost portion of the castle, it is then you will have to take on the commander Niall.
  • After defeating the boss you must move toward the north. You must then make a right turn, and then you will need to use the lift that is located in the building up to the roof.
  • Then move toward the east by the steps, and players will come across Left Haligtree Medallion.


To conclude this post in the form of How to Reach Area Elden Snow, you’ll find the exact route to access the area of snow in Elden Ring. Additionally, you will be able to discover the method to locate haligtree’s two medallions i.e. left and right. Click here for more information on Elden Ring.

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