How to get the best deals at Sears Hometown? 


Sears Hometown is one of the most trustworthy stores in the United States of America. With around 150 stores actively working and providing customers with plenty of products, Sears Hometown has become the top choice for people all around. So, it becomes important for customers to find a way to shop smartly in these stores.  

There are plenty of ways that shoppers can utilize to gain maximum benefits, like looking into Sears Hometown Store weekly ads for coupons, going through their website to gain maximum benefit, etc.  

Here you will learn about all of the tips and tricks on how you can save big: 

Tricks to save big in Sears Hometown stores: 

Make use of online discounts: 

Before you go on a shopping escapade to your nearest Sears Hometown store, go through their official website and look for all the discount options if available. With this, you don’t have to actually go to the store. You can simply sit back and order the products with some exciting discounts.  

You can also follow the company on Facebook and Twitter to be informed of what new and exciting deal is coming your way. Sometimes exclusive discounts are given to only the followers on the social media platform by participating in some online event or giving them a shoutout. That’s why customers should always be aware of all that is happening online over the shop.  

Shop on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday: 

Not just in Sears Hometown but in maximum stores, the weekly sales begin on Wednesday. These sales last up to a week. There are some supermarkets where the sales start on Sunday. This automatically makes Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday the perfect days for taking advantage of all the discounts.  

Keep track of all types of sales with Sears Hometown Store weekly ads & flyers: 

Make sure to look out for all the weekly ads and flyers of Sears Hometown. Usually, people assume that the flyers are useless, but it’s not true. With the help of these weekly flyers, you can get plenty of information on what all products are up for sale and how much discount you can get on them. With this information, you can properly set up your shopping list without any issues. You will stay within your budget and save quite a lot of money.   

Purchase items in bulk: 

With Sears Hometown Store flyers, you can get a lot of information about the products that the store is putting on sale. With this information, you can also make sure to buy products in bulk that require repetitive purchasing. The price list that you will get from the flyer and ad section will help you determine which items are worth the bulk purchase and which are not.  

Make sure to use discounted gift card: 

Usually, discounted gift cards are given to the person by a retailer. So, try to make use of it any chance you get. Sears Hometown accepts the most legitimate gift cards. Before you go on to make a purchase something using the gift card, do make sure to check out whether it is legitimate or not.  

Always check through the end of aisles: 

When shopping in Sears Hometown stores, never forget to go through the end of the aisles. Most discounted products are kept there, so one should never forget to check them out. Also, make sure to check for any buy-one-get-one-free offers. You can always purchase home utilities under this offer and enjoy saving in few extra bucks.


So, this concludes the list of tricks for saving a few bucks in the Sears Hometown store. With the help of the steps stated above, you can save quite a few bucks without many issues. Just make sure to stay constantly updated with all the events that are taking place.  

Most sales arrive during the festive season, so check the Sears Hometown Store weekly ads during those peak days.