Save Money in T&T Supermarket with Flyers & Expert Tips


Most people don’t know much about making the most of grocery flyers. They assume that it is just a piece of paper where all the information about the products available in a supermarket. But in reality, flyers consist of various discount offers that help customers save money on every purchase.  

In this article, you will discover more about how can you save big in supermarkets and how can you make use of T&T Supermarket Flyers. But first, let’s see what exactly is T&T supermarket flyer.  

What are T&T Supermarket Flyers?

T&T supermarket flyers are just like any other grocery flyers, which consist of information and discount offers on various products available in the supermarket. These flyers mention information on items that are up for sale for the week and on weekends.  

What Types of Items are Usually Mentioned on the Flyers? 

Most of the time, the items mentioned on the list are non-perishable, like bread, eggs, milk, etc. When the supermarket wants to clear the stock, they also put apparel on sale as well. Other than this, items like flowers or magazines too can be found on sale.  

Now that you know what can go on sale let’s see how you can save money using a flyer when visiting a T&T Supermarket in Canada.  

How can one save money with a T & T Supermarket flyer? 

Who doesn’t want to save a few extra bucks? Flyers can help one can save plenty of money on their favorite products. Let’s see how: 

Provides Up to date Information:

In stores, especially in places like T&T supermarkets, the prices of certain products keep changing daily or weekly. In such conditions, a T&T Supermarket Flyer can come in handy. You can use it to monitor upcoming sales.  

Apart from this there are few other tips that can come in handy for the shoppers. 

Other Tips To Save Big in Supermarkets:

Buy things that you require: 

 Buy only those items that are of utmost necessity for you. For example, if you want to purchase fruits and vegetables, do it at the beginning of the week. By doing this, you will be able to save in few T&T Supermarket Flyers and use them in the future.  

Make a list: 

Before going on a shopping spree, take a moment and analyze all the items you require. Make a list of it and then proceed further. This will save you from buying any unnecessary stuff and also help in saving a lot of time.  

Shop in the morning: 

During the evening, most of the products in the malls either lack quality or sometimes get out of stock. By shopping in the daytime, you can get all the products you are looking for. 

Make use of discount coupons: 

Sometimes the Canada weekly flyers consist of discount coupons that can be used for buying products from that specific supermarket. You can easily get heavy price reductions. Hence, a majority of money gets saved on using it.  

But before you go forward with buying the product, do check whether you can get a lower-price deal or not.  

Don’t shop when you are hungry: 

When you go grocery shopping with an empty stomach, there are chances that you will end up purchasing things that are not at all necessary. To avoid such expenditure, you mustn’t go on an empty stomach for grocery shopping. Still, if it is necessary to go and shop, then make sure you have self-control and willpower. 

Bulk Purchasing: 

There are always a few products that are required to be purchased again and again, like toilet paper, toothpaste, detergent, etc. So, when you get an opportunity to make use of the T&T supermarket flyers, make sure to make the most of it.  

Make smart buying decisions: 

Always make sure to purchase things to not go overboard with sales. Buy mindfully and make sure that you utilize the resources properly.  


With the help of T&T Supermarket Flyers, you can save lots of money on your grocery shopping. Just keep the above list in mind and use it for your benefit.  

Apart from this, also make sure to go through what all items are actually on sale. Maintain composure and try to avoid impulsive buying.