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Jean Smart Crossword Clue

Jean Smart is a New York Times wordle game or mini crossword game. Mini Crossword from The New York Times is a completely new game on the internet. Everybody can enjoy this intriguing word game. Many find it difficult to determine the correct answer.

It becomes fascinating once you have the answer. If one does not know an answer, they can search for the clue that is available online. New York Times includes various games. They include Crosswords, Sudoku, etc. The majority of these games is completely free. However, to play the complete game, you must pay. The answer to the Jean smart Wordle will be Hacks.

Wordle- a short-

Wordle is one of the most popular online games that was created by the well-known Software Engineer called Josh Wardle. Josh developed the game to his friend. However, the game gained popularity via social media, and players from all over the world began playing the game. In the following years, it was reported that the New York Times acquired the game for a staggering sum of cash.

The players must figure the five letters of a word. The players can use the aid of a dictionary too. The players are given six chances to determine the word. The game is accessible in a variety of languages other than the English language.

How to Play Jean Smart Wordle ?

Players must figure out an appropriate word in order in order to play the game of wordle. They are given six opportunities to figure out the word. The word is made up of 5 letters. Players must place the letters correctly in the proper position.

If the letter is correct and placed in the correct position, the letter will turn green. When the letters are correct but it’s placed in the wrong location, it will turn yellow. If the letter is wrong the letter will change to grey. Very few players are able to answer correctly on the first or second try.

Learn more aboutJean Smart Wordle .

Although users can seek the help of a dictionary, only a handful of people have the ability to provide the right answer.

If they follow these rules players are required to determine the correct answer. Wordle game is also available in different languages, such as Spanish, France, Italian, Urdu, Chinese, Somali and a variety of other languages.

There are numerous benefits to engaging in word game games. One of the benefits is the ability to expand your vocabulary. Through playing Word games, you can strengthen the thinking portion in the brain becomes stronger.


Wordle game is a hit across all over the world. This is among the most fascinating word games in the world, and has led to its popularity. Jean Smart Wordle is another exciting game. It is possible to boost your vocabulary power by playing wordle games, in addition to enjoying the game. For more information you can go here to learn more.

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