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Family and friends have expressed their sorrow over Kelly Galloway Coloradodeath. This article provides details on his funeral and the cause of death.

Are you aware that fewer people are recognized and remembered following their demise? If you don’t believe this, then go through our post to find out more. Kelly Galloway was a famous doctor in the United Statesfor treating patients, especially children, regardless of financial situation. But many of his family friends and relatives have expressed their sadness over the passing to Kelly Galloway Colorado and a lot of them have inquired about his death funeral. Continue reading if you want to know more about Kelly’s obituary and The Cause Of Death.

Kelly Colorado and Obituary

Kelly Galloway is the well recognized doctor. He was revered by a lot of people. He passed away on the 26th February 2017 following a lengthy fight with cancer. The obituary he wrote was published through his friends and relatives. On March 3 an funeral ceremony occurred at the Portsmouth Boulevard Chapel of the Sturtevant Funeral Home. Kelly’s final resting place was in Olive Branch Cemetery after his passing away. Families and friends are welcome to express their condolences to Kelly Galloway Obituary Colorado at the funeral home on Thursday evening.

We pray for all his loved ones in this difficult moment. People who were lucky enough to be able to comprehend his story and include him in the circle of their friends will definitely grieve his loss.

The Cause of Death

On the 26th of February, 2017 Kelly passed away following the long fight with cancer. Based on our information, there are no reports of what caused Kelly Galloway passed away or the circumstances surrounding his death. If the family of Kelly Galloway provides any details, they will be made available to the public.

Condolences for Kelly Galloway Colorado

We pray to God to grant people who are who are suffering the capacity to carry forward with their lives despite the loss. Losing someone you love is a loss that can’t be compared to any other. Due to the sensitivity of the tragedy and the loss of loved ones, the Galloway family is our deepest condolences, and we’ll remember them. On September 29, 1953, he passed away. to this world.

About the Family

Kelly was a loving and committed Christian who also had a passion for life. His smile and positive attitude will live on in our minds and hearts in the coming Kelly Galloway Obituary Colorado time. As he’s not with us and has gone to heaven, it has created a gap inside our heart. His wife Vicky and her husband, who was 38 years old. They have two sons Jason and Parker as well as their grandkids Eliza and Devin as well as his brother John and the sister Joane and Janice along with their maternal grandmother, Janice. Many loved Kelly, and people who had the chance to meet Kelly will be sad to lose him.


The loss of Kelly had devastated everyone. The loss of this dear one has had a profound effect on many family members and friends. People who are concerned about Kelly Galloway Colorado are taken on the internet to offer tribute to the deceased and offer their condolences to Kelly’s family members, who have been through a difficult time. Are you in sympathy with Kelly’s family? If so, the comments part is up to you!