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How to use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go offers the ways to make use of XL candy and how to acquire it.

Are you a massive lover of the Pokemon games and series? Do you want to learn about updates to Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go game?The Pokemon games have an enormous following across both the United States , Canada. This article provides the use of the XL Candy within Pokemon Go and other important information.

What is XL candy?

For the Pokemon Go game, candies are needed to increase the level of the Pokemon. Most commonly, ordinary candies boost an Pokémon’s CP up to 40. However, these XL candy help in breaking the threshold limit beyond 40. The XL candy can help power the Pokemon until they reach level 50.

However, in order to utilize the candy XL it is necessary for the trainer to be at level 40 after the cap is not locked. It is recommended that players make use of the candy XL together with stardust to boost their performance. It makes use of 10 XL candy to boost it up. Pokemon.

How to Use Xl Candies Pokemon Go

Players must consume the candy as usual. The main differentiator is that the candy XL has more power and can help you reach the 50th level quickly. The players can utilize the candy XL by pressing the Pokemon button, then pressing an option to turn it on.

It is also a great way to boost the evolution line of Pokemon. For instance, if you wish to increase the level of the power of their Pikachu Pokemon, they can make use of Pokemon XL candy Pokemon XL candy to level it up to a level of 50.

The players must consume nearly 296 XL candy to upgrade their Pokemon to level 50.

Need of XL Candy

What does Xl Candy Do It helps Pokemon increase their power to levels of 50, boost their fighting power, and makes it possible to make the Pokemon stronger. This is very beneficial when fighting in the gym. It also helps the Pokemon to grow and gain accessibility to Pokedex.

Following the process of leveling up the players will be rewarded with greater rewards as well as super challenges.The issues such as that of powering legendary Pokemon and growing Eevee great league master league, ultra and more. They will be available in the next levels. Rewards for players include enticing prizes including exclusive XL candy and premium raid tickets, super incubators, many avatar items, and more.

How do I get it?

Questions such as ” How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go” and “How to Get It” is always in the news in the world of gamers. The players can obtain it through,

  • The chance to catch a mythical, legendary or more advanced Pokemon will give you close to 3 XL candy.
  • If you choose a boss for raiding, they will grant you one xl.
  • Trainers who have a level higher than 40 is able to trade Pokemon for XL candy.
  • A pokemon’s hatching process guarantees high-quality candy. 10km or 12km eggs could give 24 xl sweets.
  • Walking with a friend
  • Exchange 100 regular candies to provide one XL candy.
  • Pokemon exchange
  • Using a Meltan box


This article ” How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go ” provides details about Pokemon candy. The game can be played with the app or on a laptop and the game is free on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

A staggering one million players play this game every day. Therefore, it would be beneficial for players to prioritize their work prior to playing games. For updates on pokemon go, click here.

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