Standsay 2022 Reviews Is It Trusted Or A Scam? Read!


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What is Standsay? Standsay is a platform for shopping which allows you to purchase many things for the necessities of your life. The website for online shopping is well-known and is the subject of discussion across in the United States. It mostly delivers products throughout the United States.

Are you looking to buy on Standsay? Don’t worry. In this article on the Standsay Review ,we will clarify your doubts about this site and also check its authenticity on various criteria.

Overview of Standsay com

Standsay is an online store which sells lots of quality items. They sell a wide range of items that can be useful throughout one’s life. The site with their catchy slogan “Quality excellent and Quality upper” concentrates on the quality.

The following are the items you can buy on Standsay :

  • Shopping trolley
  • Sports Extended Wagon Back
  • Clothes mostly for women
  • Grass Cutter
  • Peat mast spreader and compost

A variety of other products have been delivered through the firm.

Is Standsay Legit? When you have a better understanding of the features and the types of items they offer, everyone is interested in the legitimacy of the website. Being aware of the authenticity of the site is crucial as it allows the buyer to buy with confidence. It makes the buyer aware of frauds and other things that could occur to you. Check out our entire blog to learn more.

Features of Standsay

  • You can buy your dresses and household utensils here
  • Contact number:+354.4212434.
  • Email address:
  • Address: 606 N. Water St, Tuscumbia, Alabama,35674, US
  • There isn’t a review on it on any website. Likewise, the Review of Standsayon their official site do not exist.
  • Refund Policy: The company provides the option of a one-month refund policy for customers.
  • 24/7 customer support is readily available.
  • Shipping policy Shipping policy: Free shipping on orders of more than $50. Orders are shipped within 3 days.
  • Payment choices: PayPal or credit card Paytm.

Positive Highlights

  • FREE shipping for orders over $50.
  • 24/7 customer service can be a huge help to resolve your concerns.
  • The secure payment option is available.
  • HTTPS is available.

Negative Highlights

  • A lack of a social media handle can make the website notorious.
  • The absence of reviews from customers make this website a bit doubtful.

Is Standsay Legit?

To determine the legitimacy of a site it is necessary to look at various factors before deciding as a genuine or not legitimate website. Let’s look at these factors and determine if the claim is legitimate one or not:

Date of registration The data revealed the fact that Standsay had been registered as of 5 November. 2021. Based on this, it could be concluded that the site is relatively new and just one year old and last updated in October of 2021.

  • Registrar The website was registered with NameCheap, Inc.
  • Review by Customers We couldn’t find any reviews from customers on reviews on Standsay,making the website completely fraudulent. We did find an article that reviewed this website which demonstrates that this site is not suggested.
  • Social Media: The fact that we could not locate any handle on social media that of any kind, which shows how famous this online store is.
  • Data security:The customer’s data is secured under HTTPS This shows that data transfer is secure under the rules of Standsay .
  • policy:A customer can read all their policies on payment, payment methods free shipping, and much more on their official site.
  • Score of trust:As as per many websites. it was found that standby had an average trust score of 55% that is not good.

Standsay Reviews

The standsay website is stocked with all the contact details like contact number as well as email addresses and address. However, when we tried to look up reviews of customers on the site there aren’t any reviews on the subject. The contact information for the owner is also not listed in the layout. Furthermore the handle for social media of the website could not be located. The website appears to be suspect because buyers could be financially harmed. Certain websites have declared this site not recommended. The purchasers are asked to review the precautions against fraudulent credit card transactions in this article.


In this article about Standsay Review ,we tried to determine the authenticity of the e-commerce site Standsay by testing it against different factors. The result was that the website has a low trust scoreand was determined to not be authentic and has a life expectation of about six months. Buyers should be aware of the steps to take to ensure they are protected from PayPal scams. If you’re interested in learning more about Wagon You can visit this link.

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