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This article provides more information about Is Donald Cline Still Married? and his wife. Cline also has a number of children.

Donald Cline: Who are you? Is Dr Donald Cline still alive? Is he married to anyone? What number of children does Cline have? Netflix released “Our Father”, a documentary film, this week. This documentary tells the story of Donald Cline. One man used his reproductive material for fertilization of patients. This is what happens at the Indianapolis fertility clinic.

In the United States, this film is well-known for its disturbing and charming themes. This story explains Why Donald Cline is Still Married. How Dr Donald Cline illegally stimulated over 90 children. Keep reading for more information about Donald Cline.

About Dr Donald Cline, his wife

Donald Cline has been married to Susie. Susie and her marriage to Donald Cline are not mentioned in any ration. This is only a small part of the documentary. Her husband Donald Cline also treated her at the infertility center. This document shows that Donna and Doug are both parents.

Where is Donald Cline Now ?

Donald Cline has fathered approximately 94 children illegally, with their mothers or fathers concerned. He was in Indianapolis, Indiana. Cline retains a slim outline and is supported by many community groups. Cline was ultimately denied his license due to his illegal fertility. According to The Atlantic, the incident occurred after his retirement.

Susie Cline, Donald Cline’s wife, thought about his actions. She revealed how many children Donald Cline has.

Was Doctor Cline penalized for illegal fertilizing patients? Yes, Cline was fined for inseminating his patients with his reproductive material.

Donald Cline: What happened?

Donald Cline lost the license following his retirement. He was placed on suspension for one year and fined $500. He did not go to jail.

He is father to how many children?

Netflix has confirmed that Donald Cline is the father of 94 children. Further DNA tests have shown that the number of children is rising. Lisa Shepherd, “Sibling #33,” who was raised and shared her anxieties about daily life. It was also revealed in the Our Father biography how difficult it can be to share the news with another ignorant sibling.

Do you have any details about Donald Cline still married? All details are based upon sources and we do not blame anyone.

Was Cline sent to prison?

No. Cline was not sentenced for his crimes, even though he inseminated uncountable women using his reproductive material without their consent.


Donald Cline lied about detectives and was charged with two counts for the obstacle to fairness. Since Indiana has no specific law, no additional charges were brought against him. The doctor was forbidden from using his reproductive material at the place of a supporter.

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