New Profile Pic App Warning Find The May Updates And Beware!


Article New Profile pic App Warning outlines the scam issue and provides reality checks on information that is being distributed online.

Are you a fan of seeing yourself as different avatars in digital media? Are you aware that AI-themed photo editing apps can steal your personal data?

The new Profile Pic App is one such app for photo editing. It has gained a large fan base across Australia and the United Kingdom. and Canada. People need to be careful. This article outlines the ongoing issues with the New Profil Pic App Warning.

What warning is being issued?

Many users love the new profile pic app for its amazing editing tools. Recent rumors have surfaced that the app may be linked to Russia and are collecting data from users.

Users also found something suspicious about the app, as it was registered in Moscow previously, according to online sources. They have now changed the registration information to Florida and this has triggered the people. Global cybercrime advisors and experts have warned against the installation of such photo editing apps.

The Profile Pic App Making Money ?

Experts believe that Russia could use the app to misuse and collect data from Westerners, as it was created by Linerock Investments Ltd. Some online sources claim that this app is phishing malware, and steals money from bank accounts.

However, there is currently no evidence to support this claim. No users have reported that the app stole their money. Joseph, a cybercrime security expert, says this app has no malicious problems.

Expert’s opinion about this issue

Many experts have issued a Warning over the New Profile Pic App. It also uses high-resolution images for editing due to Russian links. This app consumes more data than other apps. It affects more people.

The warnings were issued due to recent registration changes by the company. Experts warn this app can steal personal data, money, and track people’s movements. People are advised to not install it. As there is no evidence to support this claim, the company has denied all allegations.

Reality check for New profile app

The New Profile pic App Warning is currently trending online. The company explained that they are registered in Moscow, and have numerous branches all over the globe, including Florida. Every photo editing app requires the user to provide their personal data and details about social media accounts.

The company said that this was a common issue because all other companies store their users’ data in another country. Online reports claim that TikTok and Facebook used to collect more data than this app. It is therefore a baseless rumour that lacks any evidence.


The article New Profile pic App Warning contained information about a photo editing app. However, it is important that people are aware of this malicious app. Experts in cybercrime advise people to upload non-stringattached images and then, after editing, to install the image on their phone without providing contact information. You can find more updates on this topic here.

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