Linkt Corporation Read All Updates On The Scam That Happened!


Linkt Corporation, an established toll provider warns about scams it calls itself. We’ll see how scammers are swindling people in the present.

Do you have a private car and love driving it? Have you planned a lengthy or short drive that includes a tax? Do you know that scammers may be a disappointment on this trip and deplete accounts? Wondering how?

If you’re a resident within Australia and are an Australian citizen, you must be cautious in this area. This is due to the fact that frauds associated with Transurban’s eTag toll-company Linkt Corporation are growing. Let’s shine a the spotlight on this issue in this blog post.

What has happened and what’s the most recent news?

An Gold Coast resident was tricked by a con artist under the name of operator Linkt for more than $4000 via an SMS message that enticed her to use an toll-road. It’s surprising that she’s not the only one, as according to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) the number of victims is hundreds of victims of this fraud. The agency have received over 700 complaints in the month of January and the total amount is more than $29,000.

Does the fraud linked with Linkt Mont Saint Aignan?

It’s not true, we’re talking about the toll company in Australia Linkt and not Mont Saint Aignan in France. Linkt. Many people were confused by the news, and began looking for Linkt that is an operator of telecom services in France.

Based on our study online, we came to learn that both are not the same. Before proceeding let us make it clear that we’re talking about the Australian toll company.

Does the company know of the frauds?

Transurban is aware of scams targeting drivers. Transurban has been alerted to frauds targeting drivers, and has informed users via its official website, and is working to stop fraudsters. The Transurban has stated that they always recommend that you go through Linkt Corporation’s official website and app. Linkt Corporation their official site and Linkt app in case any changes are needed.

Furthermore, they’ve advised against responding to any SMS, mail or phone calls asking for bank details since the business never sends messages like this.

A few of the examples of messages that users are receiving include:

  • Your Linkt has been blocked; Follow the link to complete the procedure.
  • Information about vehicles isn’t kept up to date and is therefore disabled. Visit the following link.
  • The road toll hasn’t been paid as of yet. Make sure you pay the toll by visiting this page.
  • A trip toll with the date mm/dd/yyyyyyyyyy in the process; please click the link to pay.

What can you do?

Linkt Corporationnever asks you to pay via such methods as described previously. If you are suspicious, then don’t click and take a screenshot and report here

Additionally If you’re referred to a fraudulent or suspicious website that is similar to Linkt be sure to look for indicators such as:

  • Spelling errors
  • Website URLs are not beginning with https
  • Typos or grammar errors

Action required:

  • Do not open the SMS.
  • Do not respond to these calls.
  • Make a photocopy and then make a report.
  • Please remove it.
  • Don’t click on any hyperlink.
  • Do not enter the sign in or bank account details.


Linkt Corporationis a tolling company located in Australia that is owned by Transurban and, based on the basis of its name scams are on the increase. Recently an individual was swindled by fraudsters and has advised motorists in this regard. If you’re interested in seeing a list of scam text messages sent to Linkt you can find them here.

Did you also receive strange messages sent by Linkt? Let us know you did in this regard was.