Oceania Countries Wordle Find Here Who Is On Top


The information below about Oceania countries Wordle will give you information about the countries that are part of Oceania and also its significance to play in playing the Wordle game.

Everybody has played Wordle at some point in our lives. It appears to be a simple game but it’s not. It requires a sharp brain and a lot of effort. A lot of people from different countries, such as Canada as well as Australia, Canada United States, the United Kingdom and Australia are looking for information on Oceania nations on Wordle. But, they’re not getting the correct information.

This article provides information about this ambiguous word. This article will allow you learn more about the concept of Oceania Countries in the Wordle Game. Please take a look at this article.

About Oceania Countries

Are you aware of Oceania Countries? Oceania encompasses the countries that lie in the Pacific Ocean and Australasia. These are Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Micronesia, and Kiribati. Oceania is not included in the continent categories. Instead, it is comprised of countries close to and in the South Pacific and Australasia. For more information about the game, you can check out the article.

Oceania Countries Wordle

The latest games for quizzes is dominating the hearts and souls of gamers. This game of quiz is linked to Oceania countries and requires you to determine the correct names of countries. It is estimated that 3.9 million players played the game.

You may had played the Wordle game, where you need to determine the word in the correct order. In the same way you have to figure out the names of the countries in Oceania and if you pick correctly, you’ll be able to see a green icon that displays the correct sign , and it will be added to the map within the Oceania Countries Wordle.

If you make an error the system will display an error message in red, indicating the wrong choice. The game is becoming popular following Wordle has become a hit. Wordle game has created its show. It is also now popular among gamers.

The top countries to guess the Wordle

Numerous countries are constantly participating in this Oceanic World Game. Yet, Sweden is ranked first on the list of countries with the highest number of correct guesses made in the Wordle with an average of a accurate word guessing of 3.72 attempts. The list includes more countries the list, such as Switzerland in 3.78 attempts. The other countries on the list include:

  • Poland ranks third nation third with 3.79 attempts.
  • In the Oceania The countries of Oceania Wordle, Australia and Belgium are in fourth place with 3.80 attempts.
  • Finland is ranked sixth, with 3.81.
  • There’s a tie between Brazil, South Africa, and Denmark with 3.83 attempts. Brazil was ranked seventh on the rankings.
  • Canada was 17th while the US was ranked 18th.


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