Ownkoti May 2022 Reviews Is This A Authentic Site Or Scam?


This review of Ownkoti Review will give you more about the website’s policies product, legitimacy, and policies.

Do you require household items such as curtains or blankets? You can purchase a variety of household products at the Ownkoti shop in the United States. The shop is awash with exciting deals and policies their customers. But, are these deals pertinent? Take a look at this article about Ownkoti reviews. This will help you identify the authenticity.

Our team has gathered all the information from relevant sources, and you can trust the information and get the most complete details.

Short description of Ownkoti shop

Ownerkoti store is an online shop where you can purchase various household products. You can purchase all of the products at an affordable price. They’ve made a number of great discounts to their customers. First, however, it is important to examine the products they sell. They offer a wide range of:

  • Blankets
  • Curtains
  • Bathrobes and Loungewear
  • Covers for decorative pillows or cushions
  • Decor accessories
  • Gardening
  • Kitchen

Is Ownkoti Legit? Our team has informing our readers about the product. However, certain aspects remain to be reviewed. These comprise of features, merits as well as demerits and credibility. This will assist you to know if the site is genuine or fraudulent. It is easy to be enticed by their claims however, in reality, they may be scam sites. Therefore, it is important to be cautious when dealing with these sites. We have provided all the information needed.

Features of Ownkoti Shop

  • URL: Purchase blankets from https://ownkoti.com/.
  • Email Id: contact@mail.ownkoti.com
  • WhatsApp Contact: +852-59859834
  • Another contact phone number +85246399740
  • Address Information about the address of the business aren’t available.
  • Reviews We’ve found excellent Ownkoti reviews from various online sources. The official website also provides good ratings of their goods.
  • Return policy: Ownkoti gives one month to claim the refund.
  • The policy for refunds You can get an immediate refund within one week.
  • Standard Shipping: 10-20 working days.
  • Express Shipping: 3 to 5 working days
  • Payment Modes: Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, Credit Card, etc., are available modes.

Positive Highlights

  • Contact details for email, WhatsApp number, as well as other contact information is included.
  • Certain reviews were discovered on official and reputable websites.

Negative Highlights

  • The exact location of the property and owner’s details are not known.
  • Social media sites do not provide the pertinent details.

Is Ownkoti Legit?

Ownkoti offers an on-line store that sells various kinds of household items. Users can discover a wide range of products of various varieties and styles. However, it is important to verify the authenticity of any item on this site.

We recommend that readers read through the information we have provided in this article. It will assist you in coming to verify the accuracy of the information.

  • registration date 30 June 2021 is the site’s time to register for registration on Ownkoti. Ownkoti shop. This website is ten months old.
  • The Trust factor: Ownkoti got a twenty-one percent trust score. This is a sign that the website is not reliable and not trustworthy.
  • Registerer: Ownkoti shop is registered with NameCheap, Inc.
  • Buyer’s Comments We’ve gathered some Ownkoti reviews from trusted online sources. Additionally, reviews can be located on the official website of Ownkoti.
  • Social NetworksOwnkoti appears on Facebook as well as Instagram. Unfortunately, there was no information about the interest of the user was discovered.
  • Missing Data only the address of the company and the owner’s information aren’t known. Other details are well-known.
  • Policy: The Ownkoti Shop has included details on the pertinent policies. The policies are all listed perfect in their design. The purchasers can look up the policies via the hyperlinks on their home page.
  • Secure Data: Ownkoti seems to make use of HTTPS. Thus, it is a secure server for sharing your personal information.

Ownkoti Reviews

The shop has given the shop with a WhatsApp email address, as well as other contact information. We do not have the address or owner’s information. The shop also has a few reviews on internet sources as well as an official site that appears to be reliable. The website does have an account on social media sites, however the pages don’t contain any information relevant to the issue. Therefore, it is an extremely suspicious site.

Alexa also rated Ownkoti as a poor brand. We should not be sure of the Ownkoti shop without a second thought and should verify all the relevant information before making purchases. There is more information about Credit Card Scams here.

Final Summary

In analyzing this article on Ownkoti Review we discovered that the site is 10 months old. This shows that it is not able to meet its life expectations. The trust score isn’t adequate and renders it a mediocre site. This proves this is a fake website. Readers can read all of the PayPal scam information on this page. Click here for more details about curtains.

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