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This article describes a plane crash at the largest American airport, as well as the rescue operations that followed the crash. Find out more about Red Air Miami Airport.

Are you stunned by a recent accident at an important international airport? Are you curious what the official reports are regarding the incident? Read this post in which we will discuss the major information related to the incident.

The people of all over the United States are keen to learn about the effects of a collision that took place at Red Air Miami Airport. The videos that show the images of the crash as well as rescue operations were top of the list on major websites.

About the Red Air Flight Crash

Red Air, a flight from the Dominican Republic carrying 126 passengers was destroyed by fire when it landed in Miami International Airport. The main cause of the incident was the failure of the landing gear.

Three passengers injured following the accident were transported to hospitals nearby for further treatment. The department of safety and fire put out the fire completely, which helped reduce the rate of fatalities from this crash. Miami Airport Crash.

What Happened Following The Crash?

  • Red Air Flight 203 crashed at the Miami International Airport at 5:30 pm, which caused smoke and fire.
  • The emergency crew, which included firefighters, arrived at the scene after just 90 seconds. and reduced the impact of the crash.
  • A total of 126 people were taken to the terminal of the airport, and given medical attention as required.
  • The videos that went viral after the crash reveal firefighters trying on putting out the flames and passengers fleeing from the burning aircraft.
  • The runway was blocked due to firefighting, resulting in the cancellation of many flights.

Red Air Miami Airport

  • The rescue effort following the crash was joined with the assistance of MDFR.
  • The quick action from the MDFR played a vital role in preventing the incident from becoming an aviation-related disaster.
  • The fire’s spread was contained and the spread of the fire was halted to prevent any the possibility of further blasts or burning.
  • The official investigation into the incident is underway.
  • Federal Aviation Administration was the first agency to confirm the incident to the general public in an email message.

Declarations of Crash Survivors

  • The passengers of Red Air Flight 203 mentioned that the landing was difficult. In addition there was a loud crash. Red Air Airline Miami Airport crash generated an enormous sound.
  • A passenger reported that the plane was smoky and had burning smells after landing.
  • Paola Garcia an 18-year-old female passenger, has told in the press that it felt the plane had no wheels. After the landing, the plane was moving sideways.
  • Another passenger described the destruction of the landing equipment. The incident was shocking.


The Red Air Flight crash occurred because of the collapsed landing gear. Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the passengers were all safe. To get more in-depth information on this subject be sure to check this page.

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