Santorini Travel April 2022 Scam Check Essential Info Here!


Are you interested in learning more about the scams of like-farming? If so, be sure to read this article. Santorini Scam. Scam.

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In the most recent blog post by Santorini Travels, there is an article that appears authentic. Numerous users in Australia,the United Kingdom,and the United States read the post and expressed curiosity. We should know the details regarding Santorini travel scam. Scam.

How is it a Scam?

  • The article of Santorini Travel has clues of an alleged scam involving like-farming. Similar-farming Scams are scams where the creators use various posts that are shady to gain notoriety and recognition.
  • These kinds of posts can make you feel emotionally connected to them and even comment on them.
  • The website from Santorini Travels is a scam because it provides huge gifts.
  • On the page, the address, contact number or information about the property isn’t given, which further indicates that the post is fake and could be the website too.

The information above is essential information on Santorini travel Facebook scam.

All About the Scam

On the 9th of April, 2019 The “Santorini Travel” Facebook page published a set of pictures that showed an Celebration of a ceremony. The post said that everyone who commented and shared the post would be given the chance to enjoy an expense-free vacation at the hotel. The event was all focused on the opening ceremony of the new hotel located in Greece.

The blog states that the winner will be able to have a wonderful holiday any time of the year at any time and in addition to this, the winner will need to not fret about flights and other things. All of the items are included in the prize package.

Santorini Travel Scam – Why is it Trending

Santorini Travel Post have become well-known because people are enthusiastic about traveling to new destinations and learn about new things. However, the shady things that are that are on the page have shown that the website is not legitimate.

According to the study conducted by us, the picture of the post is copied from other sources, and the establishing date of the site is not true either. the page shows that the date of the establishment of the page is outdated but the actual date differs. In addition to the post, the site’s authenticity is also questionable which means that the page is a fraud. Santorini Travel Scam on Facebook isn’t a minor fraud.


Based on all of the above it is clear that the website as well as the site that is Santorini Travels are not legit It is a scam therefore, prior to interacting with the site, be sure to examine everything thoroughly. The blog post contains information about similar-farming scams. These types of scams are prevalent in the most basic of things. It is therefore crucial to be aware of similar scams. Learn more about the farming scam here.

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