2022 Reviews Find Out More About This Scam Website


This article will satisfy your doubts about the website’s credibility by providing reviews.

Do you like comfortable clothing most of the times? Are you among those who likes wearing T-shirts everywhere? If yes, then you should be seeking a great platform that will offer you a variety of T-shirts that come in beautiful designs. There’s a brand-new United States-based website which can help you in this situation.

The website is called Scappywear which deals with t-shirts featuring graphic designs. It is a pleasant zone for women and men. However, can we think of Scappywear as a legitimate platform? What do the Reviewssay? Check them out below.

For What Scappywear is Prominent?

Scappywear is a brand contemporary and new web site which deals with T-shirts. It falls under the fashion industry of the t-shirt business. It is possible to purchase the top graphic t-shirts on this platform. Women and men of all ages sizes of clothing can be found on this website.

The About Us section on the official website states that they are extremely selective about the material used in the T-shirts. They will always choose the most comfortable fabrics to ensure that the style doesn’t make their customers uncomfortable. Let’s find out if it is is is legitimate or Bogus in more detail.

Specifications of the Website-

  • Website-
  • Industry- T-shirts
  • Sector-Fashion
  • Contact Number-+1 (914) 431-4448
  • Email
  • Address- 6491 Highway 20, Donalds, South Carolina 29638, United States.
  • Accessibility:10 from 9 pm Monday through Friday
  • Shipping PolicyThey can only ship in the United Stateswith 1-2 processing times.
  • Return PolicyApplicable for 30 Days
  • Exchange PolicyAvailable after 30 days.
  • Delivery Time –3-5 business days
  • Delivery PolicyThey do not deliver to APO PO box and FPO addresses.
  • Order Tracking Facility-Available
  • Warranties and guaranteesNot available
  • Payment Options –According according to Review ,they only accept payments through PayPal.
  • Social Media Handles-Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Positives of Scappywear-

  • This website has put the most accurate contact information on its site.
  • It is authentically HTTPS connection.
  • The device that denylists don’t recognize the platform.
  • The majority of the policies provided by the website are designed to be user-friendly.
  • It’s a well-constructed platform that is fast and well-built.

Negatives of the Website-

  • This site is still too new for us to put our trust in.
  • Scappywear is a temporary fashion.
  • The trust index as well as the Trust score for this website are very low.
  • There aren’t any reviewsavailable via the company’s website or on other legitimate platforms.
  • It is not well-known.
  • Its distribution is limited to certain areas only.
  • Certain policy guidelines are very strict, such as warranty, guarantee, or delivery policies.
  • The payment options available on this site are limited. The COD facility is not available to buyers.
  • The social media links listed on the official website are used to make negative references.

We have written every detail as well as their pros and cons to ensure the readers’ ease. We will look over the legitimacy section for the most accurate conclusion.

Is Legit or Scam?

  • Website AgeThis website is extremely brand new, having been created at the 1st of June, 2022.
  • Expiry Date:The technology has a limited time frame. It will expire on the 1. June, 2023.
  • Trust Index-The website has a low trust score of 38.1.
  • Trust ScoreScappywear boasts a low trust score of 2.
  • PopularityIt has a low popularity score with a ranking of 4954678.
  • Contact InformationContact Information –All necessary contact information are available on the official website.
  • Connections –The website is legal and has an HTTPS connection.
  • Information about WHOIS-Almost unnoticed
  • Review-No reviews anywhere

What are Reviews?

After a thorough investigation and digging through the information a bit and analyzing the data, we discovered that there were no user reviews for the website. The website is only 22 days old and hasn’t been as well-known. Perhaps because of this, users were unable to look around the site.

We believe that reviews from consumers are essential for customers to assess the credibility of a website. In this instance there are no reviews from consumers available, and their social media accounts highlight negative points. In addition you can click here to learn how to fight scammers associated with PayPal frauds.


In the end, Reviewsindicate an issue with this site. We won’t encourage our readers to make any transaction or purchase that are related to this site. Make sure to conduct your own research prior to doing so.

If you’d like to buy the same items from an official website visit this link. Comment below whether you are a fan of old-fashioned graphic t-shirts. Additionally visit this page to find out the details about Credit Card scams.