Squid Game Boss: the Decision on Season 2 and 3 Is It Coming soon


We are glad to see you back Fam! Today, we’re discussing the most anticipated Netflix series. Your guess is exactly right. We’re discussing the new series of Netflix that is the season 2 of Squid Game.

In addition to the 2nd season, there’s news that the third season is in the works as well. Are you sure? It is, and I’m unable to remain at bay about what’s going to transpire in the near future.

In an interview on Tuesday, with KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) the writer and director Hwang Dong Hyuk from our beloved show, The Squid Game mentioned that he is in discussion with Netflix.

He said he’s engaged with Netflix to air seasons 2 and 3 too. However, we are expecting to hear from Netflix soon regarding the show.

In November, a press conference with the Press was conducted by Hwang who revealed the fact that it’s confirmed that there will to be the possibility of a second season. Hwang also revealed that he’s still working the entire script, and everything is in his mind.

Additionally, we have a tiny spoiler to share with you. Hwang has also stated that in the next season, Seong Gi-hun will examine the circumstances behind the dangerous contest and will try to keep people from getting killed.

Squid Game: Season 3 is Coming Soon??

After all this fantastic news we are eagerly waiting to see Netflix will make this announcement official. The renewal of this international blockbuster is scheduled to be announced, and is scheduled to be made. As per the promises were made in the statements of Hwang in various statements , we believe it is good likelihood of season 2 as well as season 3.As of right now, we have aware as of now that there’s a significant chance for the third season of the show being produced but there is no official confirmation made public by Netflix. We’ll need to wait until then.

The movie Korean series is about 456 participants who participate in a contest for the purpose of paying off debts. They were offered the chance to win a substantial amount to pay off their debts. The games featured were older games that were played by children’s and it was the most watched program on Netflix.

The Squid Game reached 142 million runs within the first month following its launch. The reason for this is that Netflix took two minutes of any show as a single view, and this, the Squid Game easily crossed the record of 82 million, set by Bridgerton in its initial 4 weeks.

Squid Game even crossed all the previous shows with ratings from Nielsen U.S. streaming the show, which has greater than three billion minutes in all nine episodes. Additionally, in a discussion with The Vulture, Bela Bajaria the director Director of the Global TV at Netflix Global TV did not confirm any information yet, however she stated that it all depends on Hwang’s preferences and plans.

She also said that Hwang is currently working on other projects he’s working on and that they are trying to determine the best way to proceed in the present.