Sweetth June 2022 Reviews Is This Website Authentic Or Scam?


The guide offers specifics and unbiased Sweetth Review to assist online buyers make the right choice.

Are you in search of the latest summer styles that are discounted? Do you wish to enhance your summer wardrobe by purchasing designer sandals and footwear? Sweetth.com offers an online shop that is a specialist in sandals and summer clothing.

The store is a specialist in sandals and summer shoes. It boasts that it has the largest selection of hand-made sandals, summer shoes and brand new summer linen shirt. The store is geared towards the fashion preferences of women and men.

The store is geared towards the needs of fashion-conscious customers from the UK as well as those in United States. However, it is important to go through the honest Sweetth reviews before you shop.

What is Sweetth?

Sweetth.com is an internet-based fashion shop that deals in a variety of summer-appropriate clothing and sandals. The store is a specialist in handcrafted sandals, shoes and linen shirts for women and men. All products are available on the site based on the style preferences of today’s customers.

The site claims to offer the biggest selection of summer clothing and trendy clothing for women and men. However, buyers must take the time to look through each item before making a purchase.

The store’s focus is catering to requirements for fashion within the United States. However, reading reviews and reviews can aid consumers in understanding whether Sweetth is legitimate as well as a way to determine if the store is legitimate or not.


  • Website’s URL: https://sweetth.com/
  • Product Category – Water Shoes, Handmade Sandals, Summer Shoes, Linen Shirts
  • Email ID: infor@sweetth.com
  • Payment Modes – PayPal and Card Payment Accepted
  • Store’s Address – 4/4a Bloomsbury Square, London, Greater London, England, WC1A 2RP
  • Contact Number – +44 203 286 6998
  • Newsletter – Email newsletter subscription available
  • Domain Age: 21 Days Domain registered on 8th June 2022.
  • Shipping Policy and Delivery Orders over $69 are delivered for free throughout the world. Orders are checked to be processed in 3-5 business days following the payment. Delivery of the order can be completed within a couple of weeks, with the exception of holidays. Express delivery costs $7.99.
  • Returning and Refund policy – Sweetth reviews Sweetth Reviewsstates that the policy for refunds and returns is valid for 14 days. Customers can request an exchange or refund via the email addresses they have. Once the product is received and confirming the details, the executive will review the products and issue a refund according to the original payment method.
  • Social Channels – Do not have active social channels.

Pros of Sweetth

  • Handmade sandals and shoes made from hand-made materials for both women and men.
  • Top quality linen shirts for men
  • 50% off the collection for summer
  • The policy of return is valid for 14 days
  • Worldwide shipping is free for orders of $69 or more.

Cons of Sweetth

  • Express delivery costs are charged
  • The name of the owner is not used in any way.
  • Return address differs from the address for the business
  • Inactive on social platforms.

Is Sweetth Legit – Know Here!

The credibility of the site is assessed using a variety of crucial factors. After looking over Sweetth.com and analyzing it, we’ve discovered certain key indicators which can assist consumers in determining whether it’s worth buying in the store or not.

  • The domain name was registered on the 8th June 2022. It is just 21 days old. The domain is registered for a year and it expires on June 8, 2023.
  • The retailer has an average trust score of 2 which is a little lower than the trust rank, which is 14.5 percent. These scores are not very good and call for an extensive research prior to buying any item.
  • The website of the store does not have active reviews. We have found on the internet Sweetth reviews which is negative.
  • The store does not have active social media accounts as they’re not active on any social media platforms.
  • The address shared with the public belongs to an historic building which is not the return address.
  • The details of the owner aren’t published on the site.
  • The store offers irrational discounts on items.

Sweetth.com isn’t an authentic website due to all of these negative elements. We encourage everyone to look over reviews as well as study further prior to making a purchase.

What are the Customer Reviews?

After reviewing our research, we’ve found no reviews available on the store’s official website. However, there are reviews from Sweetth on the internet where one anonymous customer has stated that they shipped him a product which is wanted to return, but the package is not accompanied by a return address. He couldn’t find an address for return on either the packaging or website.

We also discovered a few of videos that did not have feedback or comments. The legitimacy of the website is not certain and requires more investigation. Check the website thoroughly before making any purchases. Be sure to read the useful instructions on how to report frauds on PayPal..


Sweetth.com is an internet shop offering a variety of sandals, including handmade customized footwear for both women. There aren’t any Sweetth Reviews posted on their site to prove the claims of the store. All customers must conduct research prior to buying any item from the store. Also, you must be equipped with guidelines for reporting Credit Card Scams. Have you purchased something from the store? Do you have any feedback? the comments section.