Twitter to Rebrand Super Follows to Subscriptions


Twitter is changing the name of its “Super Follows” feature. This allows you to subscribe to specific users to access some exclusive content.

In February 2021 Super Follows was first announced. The rebranded Subscriptions offer many of the same features. Subscriptions allow you to charge subscribers for access to exclusive tweets, subscriber only Spaces and subscriber badges. Twitter stated that it plans to offer “newsletters” and other Twitter features, as well as bonus content.

Subscriptions’ push seems like a direct attack on Substack’s newsletter platform Substack. Substack announced its own Twitter-like feature “Notes” last week. Substack links were blocked by Twitter shortly thereafter. Substack also had limited engagement on Twitter, even though the restrictions were lifted. It’s also very funny to see Twitter discussing the possibility of newsletters after it closed down its Revue newsletter tool three months ago.

Some of us at The verge may be eligible to apply for Subscriptions. We’d love to tweet more. Clicking the three dots menu then the “Professional Tools” dropdown and then “Monetization” brought up the box for “Subscriptions.” This briefly describes the subscriptions and allows you to see the potential monthly earnings. It also lets you check your eligibility.

You can also check your eligibility to offer subscriptions via the Subscriptions menu. You must have at least 500 followers and 25 tweets within the last 30 days. On a support webpage, the company lists more requirements. These include that you must have at least 10,000 followers to be eligible.

According to Twitter , you can offer monthly subscriptions starting at $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99. You can only sell subscriptions if your creator is located in the US. However, subscribers can be purchased on the website of Twitter, Android and iOS. However, subscribers-only content cannot be viewed from the internet.

Twitter states that creators could earn up to 97% of their revenue if they have less than $50,000 in annual earnings. This can increase to as high as 80 percent if a creator makes more than $50,000 in lifetime earnings. Musk stated that Twitter will not keep any subscription money earned by creators in the next 12 months.

It is not surprising that Musk decided to roll out what appears to be a Super Follows skin since that’s likely a lot easier than fulfilling the promises he made to creators in previous years. In February, stated that Twitter would share ad revenue with creators if ads show up in reply threads. This still does not appear to have occurred. He also suggested that would be established as a creator fund and that they receive “higher compensation” to write and video content.