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The article Was Kevin Samuels Married? examines his marriage status, wiki and his death as well as the reasons in a logical way.

Are you familiar with the YouTube controversial relationship expert Kevin Samuels? Have you been a victim of his relationship advice? Do you find it helpful by any means? Kevin Samuels is a dating advisor and a well-known YouTube star in his home in the United States.

Kevin Samuels was the king of controversy. He died recently in the age 56 from cardiac arrest. This article will answer all your questions, like Was Kevin Samuels married? and his wiki, etc.

Kevin’s marriage status

Kevin Samuels’ marital status was never known since he didn’t usually discuss his private life on forums for social media. As he had declared himself to be a relationship expert, his followers were interested in his status as a couple.

The internet sensation of 56 was married twice using newly opened sources, but the marriages he had last for long. To symbolize love and affection, he welcomed his first daughter in 2001 with his first wife however, it didn’t last for long. After 7 years of marriage, he got married again to another woman in affection, but they were divorced after three years.

Kevin Samuels Wiki in an easy to understand way

Kevin Roshon Samuel was born on the 13th of March in 1965 at Georgia, US. He is a sensational YouTuber , with 1.6 million subscribers and a an estimated net worth of 1.6 millions of dollars. Also, he is a dating specialist as well as a social media influencer. He completed his education as well as his college in Millwood High School and the University of Oklahoma.

He started his career in several ventures before the launch of the YouTube channel in the year 2016. In just a few years it was a YouTube celebrity. He gained fame for his style of mentoring and his comments about black people. This led to several controversies. But the controversy created a buzz for the public.

Kevin’s death

Did Kevin die at 56 due to Kevin Samuels Cocaine? The YouTube star passed away and left his fans in pain. The death occurred on the 5th of May 2022. The cause was cardiac arrest. Some reports claim that he died from an intoxication from any harmful chemical.

The information on everything isn’t official since the results of his autopsy were not released to the public until now. At first, many believed that his death was just a myth, but his mom confirmed this via an American news outlet. Then his death was confirmed

Kevin Samuel’s Cause of Death

The details regarding Kevin Samuel’s Fentanyl intake was not a confirmed one. According to some sources, Kevin died for other reasons, however the fact that he was a cancer victim.

Yes, he was diagnosed with cancer And Fentanyl is an opioid synthetically produced that is utilized to treat cancer patients.

It’s used as an anti-inflammatory medication for cancer patients. It provides a soothing and pain-relieving effects for patients suffering from cancer. The patient may have suffered a collapse as a result of an inter-chemical reaction that caused cardiac arrest. We have gathered all the information from online sources.


This article addressed the issues like: Was Kevin Samuels married? Then, his death and the circumstances around the death. The news of his death shocked the world however he was also the victim of a discrimination against black women due to their weight and appearance. The saying goes that people tend to forget about his controversial behavior and offer their condolences for his family.

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