What is the importance of emergency vehicle lighting in our society?        


The crime rate in our society has increased a lot during the past few years. The things that used to be hidden and concealed are done in the open. People have had to experience some horrific crimes in their neighborhoods as well. In times like these, there has been an excessive increase in police vehicles. These vehicles are not just present as bait but are there to serve the nation’s people in case of any emergency. 

You might have seen a police car with emergency lights on it. Some people think these lights are irrelevant and of no use, but they are put on the car because they have a purpose. Just like that, other emergency vehicles have these lights as well. These emergency vehicles include fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars. All of these cars have different lights that have their importance. 

What are emergency vehicle lights:  

  • Emergency vehicle lights are used on emergency vehicles. The use of these lights is to convey the urgency of these vehicles to pass through traffic. A part of the traffic rules is that whenever you see an emergency vehicle, you have to give way to them so it can reach its destination on time. 
  • The emergency lights on emergency vehicles come in different forms and shapes. They can either be in the form of a beacon or a light bar. Whether they are police lights or lights on an ambulance, they are often seen in the form of a beacon. This gives an unmistakable message to the people on the road that the car is trying to get somewhere. 
  • There are specific laws related to emergency lighting, including not using them in certain jurisdictions. They are only used in response to an emergency or for training purposes. Special permits are given to people sitting in vehicles to use these lights in specific areas. 

Types of emergency vehicle lights:

Different types of emergency vehicle lights can be used on emergency vehicles to make them relevant. 

  • Steady burning: A steady burning light is the most basic and straightforward form of emergency lighting. These types of lights are used other than emergency vehicles, as well as guiding workers working on a site to see what they are going so that they can perform their tasks efficiently. Steady burning lights are often paired with rotating lights. 
  • Rotating: Rotating lights have a single stationary bulb that goes round and round. It is mounted on many vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars. The rotating beams of flash are often triggering for people sensitive to light, but they have significance. 
  • Strobe light: Stroble lights are just like a flash that is present on top of a vehicle. These lights are placed on top of a vehicle so that the visibility on the road is made more explicit. This is one of the best advantages of strobe lights. 
  • LED: LED lights are typically used by police cars. They are very long-lasting and can be seen from a very long distance. LED lights are more conventional than strobe lights because they are easier on the eyes. 

While specific colors are used for different purposes, understanding these lights’ use is very important. Emergency lights help workers reach their destinations on time.