Genshin Impact Guyun Stone Forest : Get All The Insights


Genshin Impact Guyun Stone Forest is a mystical area that is situated in the affluent harbor of Liyue. It’s an archipelago comprised of seven large islands with smaller islands that are offshoots. You’ll need to visit Genshin’s Impact Guyun’s Stone Forest in some time in the game to find the character who carries Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife. You will then have to complete three puzzles to receive rewards. So, it’s best to know a bit about the best way to go there to ensure that you’re prepared for whatever is thrown at you.

The story of Genshin Impact Guyun Stone Forest:

According to Legend that goes back to The Guyun Stone Forest is the location in which Rex Lapis fought and took down Osial Osial, the ocean monster. The remains of Stone lances employed by Rex remain on the island in the form stone pillars.

In addition, this forest is also where the old Gods of Liyue are buried. The dispersed Gods transformed into demons after being defeated and died in battle by Yakshas.

How can I go the Genshin the Impact Guyun Stone Forest?

Follow the steps listed below to guide you to this amazing place.

  • In the northeastern region within Liyue Harbour, there is an area known as”the Sea of Clouds. The first step is to visit this area.
  • When you’re at the Sea of Clouds Keep going east until you are at the edge of a cliff that includes a massive rock right in front of it.
  • Take a leap off the edge of the cliff and then make your way to the island that is the closest to the shore by sliding.
  • Keep an eye on the level 37 monster who is waiting to be found on the island.
  • The island is part of the archipelago which makes part of Guyun Forest. When you have reached the first island it is possible to move on to the other islands by walking along the water’s shallow zones that lie between the islands.

The Ruins Treasure on Guyun Forest

It is possible to observe a light pillar over one of the islands in the south. Take a walk to that pillar , and follow the steps below.

  • When you are at the monument, a brief dialog will be displayed, after which you’ll be able to reach out and touch the monument. Choose this option to start an assignment.
  • Your first job is to get to the location you want to visit in just 120 seconds.
  • A tiny yellow diamond will be visible in the display. It will indicate the path to the desired area. All you need just follow the tiny diamond up a mountain , and through the air, it will ring.
  • Once you have reached the desired location at which point you can collect the reward (a common chest).
  • In the same location at the same time, a second light pillar will be visible.
  • After reading the dialog and then clicking Touch the Monument, you are given a brand new task.
  • The new challenge consists of taking on 10 enemies in 120 minutes. You’ll keep getting an extra few seconds each time you beat your enemies.
  • The reward you receive will be an exquisite chest.
  • A third light pillar will pop up. It will give you the challenge of taking on a massive adversary. It isn’t an easy task However, the reward is an exquisite chest that is well worth the effort.