Burndo 2022 Reviews Is This Legit Or Fake?


In this article Burndo Review contains information on the authenticity of an online shopping website called Burndo.

Are you searching for an online platform on which you can purchase a variety of toys and dresses? If yes, then this article will be extremely beneficial. This article we’ll present you with an online store that goes by the name of Burndo that is of the platforms which offer all kinds of dresses as well as toys.

This website gives you the benefit of shopping globally which includes the United States and numerous other countries. If you’re curious about more information about this site, please read this post, Burndo Reviews through the close of the article.

What is Burndo?

Burndo is an website accessible on the internet to buy a wide range of clothes, bottoms jackets, jumpsuits and toys, TV Lego toys, tools etc. The website is a new website online that hasn’t completed its first year in existence. The website offers fashion-forward dresses and come in a variety of colours and designs.

The other products available at this website are also up-to-date and the work done by the developer for this website is admirable. In addition, the costs of the items aren’t that high, which is a very appreciated feature.

After you have read all this details about Burndo We are certain you’ll be ecstatic to learn that Burndo is Burndo legit or scam? To find out more, read the following part in this post.

Specifications of Burndo

  • Email address: burndo@outlook.com
  • Contact Number – +12054401219
  • Company Address: 321 Waxahachie, Tumbleweed Trail 75165, Texas US
  • Website Link – https://www.burndo.com
  • Domain Age The date of the creation of Burndo is 17/11/2021.
  • Products Category – Dresses, jumpsuits, bottoms, toys, tools etc.
  • Payment Methods – PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.
  • Delivery Timeframe – 10 – 22 business days.
  • Shipping Policy Within two to three business days.
  • Return and Refund Policy – within 35 days
  • Newsletter The newsletter is posted through the website.
  • Social Media Connections Are not available

If you’re interested in learning more about Burndo reviews take a look at the pros and cons associated with Burndo.

Advantages of Burndo

  • It sells the products at a reasonable price.
  • The fundamental policies are discussed in detail.
  • Payment methods come in a variety There isn’t one payment method.
  • This website can be HTTPS protected with SSL encryption. SSL encrypted.
  • Contact details for all of them are provided in the website.

Disadvantages of Burndo

  • The scores and ranks on this website are abysmal.
  • No social media profiles or links are via the website.
  • The reviews of customers reviews aren’t on the website and are not accessible through the verifiable portal.
  • The user interface isn’t visually appealing.

Is Burndo Legit?

  • Domain Age. The age of the domain of Burndo is 17/11/2021.
  • Domain Expiration Date: The expiration date for Burndo is set for 17/11/2022.
  • Customer Reviews – The customer’ reviews are not available.
  • Trust rank – The trust rank of Burndo is 11 percent.
  • Test Score: The score of trust at Burndo has been set at 27.2/100.
  • Quality of Content Content Quality quality of content is not distinctive.
  • Policies These policies are clearly stated and are available on their website.
  • Address Originality Address Originality: The address is posted on the website and appears to be fake.
  • Social Media Connectivity – Social Media links aren’t via the website.
  • Discounts – At present none of the discounts or sales are through the website.
  • Information about the Owner – This owner’s information of the owner isn’t in this store.

Our research confirms that the credibility of this website is in doubt.

Customers’ Burndo Reviews

We did not find any reviews from customers on this website. reviews on this website and it doesn’t have reviews on its website nor on the official portal. The reviews of the customers reviews are important, however, since this website is not able to provide any of them, it is a sign that you need to be aware of the website before purchasing any product on this website.

You can learn what you can do to ensure your security against Paypal scams.

If you’re be interested on this website and would like to buy any product on this website then you should check these reviews of Burndo.

The Bottom Line

Burndo website provides an internet-based marketplace that sells items like jumpsuits, toys as well as dress-up clothes.

This website requires research prior to purchasing any item from this site since there are zero reviews on the site or it is not a verified website. The owner’s information is not available. The rankings for the website are also not very good and do not meet the standards of a good website.

Therefore, before purchasing any item from Burndo that you conduct thorough research. You could use the information in this an article Burndo Reviews HTML1for your investigation.

Do you have any experiences buying on this website? Do you have a comment. You may also want to know ways you can protect yourself from fraudulent use of credit cards.