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Unauthorized Living is an Spanish television drama produced by Aitor Gabilondo. It includes Jose Coronado, Claudia Traisac and Alex Gonzalez. The storyline centers around the character Nemo Bandeira, who comes from a background as a businessman but is a ferocious addict. At the age of 16, Nemo is being treated for the treatment for Alzheimer’s disease Nemo decides to keep his diagnosis in the dark and began to contemplate the person who would become his legal successor in the near future. The show has a running duration of around 75 minutes.

The first season was aired on Telecinco on September 24, 2018, and the following season debuted on Netflix on January 13th, 2020, and ended on the 16th of March in 2020. It comprised of 23 episodes. The episodes from the initial season aren’t being aired worldwide. The show captivated many viewers. The show was nominated for awards in multiple categories. Even the principal role of Jose Coronado of the series received the Best Drama Actor Awards for season 1 at the sixth MiM Series Awards. The show is rated with a score of 8/10 on IMDb.

After two great season of this Spanish series, the viewers are waiting and asking for the continuation of the show in the third and final season therefore, we have every bit of details about The third season of the series Unauthorized Living. Check out the complete article to keep up to date with the latest news.

The Living Season 3 release date is not authorized by the company.

There is no official announcement from the creators and producers concerning the possibility of renewing the show for another season. However, we’d like to tell our viewers, as it was reported that the next season will be the last one.

According to the showrunner for the Spanish series “Except for an unforeseen event, the series will be finished in the second season,”. Alongside all these episodes, the final episode from the season’s second ended with a smile by linking every element of the story that left no room for further continuation.

The creator of the show was also quoted in an interview with the media that the book upon which the series built ended up having everything that happened in season 2. Therefore, we are not sure if they’ll go for continuation of the show for another season, however we could keep our hopes alive in case the producers decide to give a second idea about the choice and agree to continue the story, but with different elements after the book has ended.

There’s a possibility that we’ll see new characters joining the cast in the third season. in the event that it does, we’ll be patient until the producers release something similar to the previous season.Non-authorized Living Season 3,

Plots of Living Season 3 that are not authorized by the Living Season 3 Unauthorized

Before we dive into the details of the upcoming third season we’ll take a brief review of what happened in the season before. The show is based on the novel written by Manuel Rivas and revolves around the main character, Nemo who is played by Jose Coronado, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and does not reveal the diagnosis of the condition to anyone. Instead, he begins to speculate on who will become his legal heirs in the future.

The first season of the series, the story is revolves around Bandeira as he attempts to keep his condition hidden from his family. He makes various excuses to cover up his problems.

In the next season, we witness the cousins of Bandeira appear and cause several troublesome scenarios for him, as they attempt to steal every item he owns from his home and business. He fought hard and had to endure numerous difficulties and violence to keep his business from falling in the hands of an unintentional person.

A trailer that is not authorized for the Living Season 3.

We know that the makers aren’t even planning to bring back the show in the third installment, it’s difficult to know if we’ll see the trailer for the third season any time soon.


The show was so successful that the fans and audiences are waiting only an answer from the crew of Unauthorized Living, but as of now the director has given his final approval to not continue the show further. Interview with Manuel Villanueva stated that “The reality is that’s not the case. It’s a closed, extremely closed story. It’s an epic saga with an extremely resounding conclusion. Since at the start, this was believed to be over.

By examining some characters, you will observe it. You can’t say I’m not going to take a drink from this water. It doesn’t match with our plan.” Therefore, following this, we’ll have to expect an update that is positive in the near future.