Southridge Car April 2022 Accident Read The Updates!


In this article there is a detailed account of this incident, the Southridge Car Accident. There is also an in-depth report on this accident.

Have you read about the tragic incident which involved five college students as well as a depute? The accident occurred in Beaverton. The horrific accident occurred within Portland within Oregon in the Western United States.

The major crash caused to the death of five children and an officer with the rank of deputy police who was in the area at the time. Two children were killed on the spot and three others are in critical health. Officer is also severely injured in the Southridge Car Accident and is being transported into the medical facility by the team of rescue workers.

What exactly happened?

On the night of 27 April 2022, the incident took place at about 12:30 am. Five high school students who attend Southridge High School were travelling in their Nissan Altima. The group was traveling through the southwest Tualatin valley as well as Southwest Murray Boulevard.

At Midnight , two boys were able to escape at a red light, and hit a deputy’s patrol vehicle. Shortly after the crash it was the Rescue Team arrived at the location, and provided all sorts of medical assistance and support and also referred critically injured for treatment at the local hospital. The Southridge Car Accident has everyone scared in the neighborhood.

What is the position of the person in charge have to say about this incident?

The Sheriff of Washington, Pat Garrett, was at the scene and identified the kids as well as the their Deputy Officer. Pat said that the police officer was in Patrol during his shift. The guy is Michael Trotter. Since 2015 , he’s been employed full-time as a police officer at Washington Country Office. Washington Country Office.

Pat also identified five students from the Nissan car that was used by students of Southridge High school. Two of them passed away at the exact spot, one of them is 17-year old Mathew Amaya. The other one is sixteen-year old Juan Pacheco Aguilera.

Additional information about Southridge Car Accident.

The two boys in the Nissan car passed away at the scene of the crash The remaining three students sustained serious injuries and were taken to the medical facility by Tualatin Valley Rescue Team. The remaining three boys sustained minor injuries. There is hope for getting better, but it will take quite a while.

The Deputy Officer was seriously injured in the collision of the vehicle. He sustained serious injuries. The hospital staff say that the injuries are extremely hazardous, but there is a small chance of healing. He is in stable condition healing from Southridge Car Accident. The accident was so deadly that they’re lucky to be in a safe place. We provided you with all the details you’re searching for about the accident.


On April 27, at midnight, five students from Southridge High School crashed into the car of the deputy. Two of them passed away on the spot while the other three were being treated in the hospital. The deputy was also injured and is being referred to the medical center.

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