Texasutility Help Com Know Its Purpose And Eligibility!


Find out more about financial assistance that is offered by TDHCA through their new website TexasutilityHelp.com to pay for propane, electricity, gas and water bills.

Are you an American citizen (or) an occupant of a rental property in the tax-paying United States? Are you facing the possibility of losing services like water, electricity or gas? Do you require financial assistance to pay your utility bill?

Did you not know that TDHCA website has funds available to pay for utility bills? Let’s look at Texasutility Help site. Do you fall under the low-income group in accordance with the guidelines established by the Federal Poverty Income (FPIG)?

About TexasUtilityHelp.com:

TexasUtilityHelp.com was established on 6th June 2022. It’s a year and three days into the. It is an LEGITIMATE website, which was officially announced 7 July 2022 to be accessible to the public from THCA. Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA).

TexasUtilityHelp.com is a site for residents who are legally resident in Texas are required to sign up to receive benefits of up to $2,400 off their gas, electricity and propane bills. They can also receive up to $600 in cash for their water bills.

About Texas Utility Help Program:

TDHCA in conjunction in cooperation with TDHCA in collaboration with the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Low income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) pays your electricity and water bill direct to your utility provider. Taxpayers are not receiving money into their accounts at banks.

To be eligible to be eligible for the program

  1. The household’s total income should not exceed 150% of the FPI,
  2. At least one person in the household must be US citizen and
  3. In order to be eligible for water utilities households, they must be at possibility of being disconnected due to the non-payment for water bill.

The household must sign up with the Texasutility Help com website by signing up:

  • Identity card,
  • Legal residency proof,
  • Evidence of citizenship
  • Utility bills may comprise water, electricity gas, propane or gas bills.
  • Documentation of income for each household member, as well as
  • Bills that are past due, or that indicate a possibility of being disconnected, or proof of disconnect.

The users who have registered and their applications are scrutinized to determine if they are eligible to participate in the program. Within a short period, the eligibility status is updated on the website pages (https://txutility.corerelief.com/content2/access/login).

After the application has been approved, TDHCA will directly pay the utility bills on behalf of the household to the appropriate utility company. If the application is fraudulent, it can be reported by calling 1(833)613-7283. For more information, you can inquire about the Texasutility Help Com application via phone at 1(855)-566-2057.

The website was created to help applicants apply for utility bills, by simply filling out one form. TDHCA is encouraging people to join the platform as quickly as is possible. The TDHCA is holding $50 million in funds that are ready to be released for the program.


In light of its recent launch, the site has zero Alexa rank, 14.8% business rank as well as an 8.8% Trust score. So, as the website gets older and more people use it more frequently, its scores will improve in time. TexasUtilityHelp.com utilizes a secure HTTPS protocol and is an authentic SSL certification for the next three41 days. Texasutility Help reviews on com reviews indicate that it’s a legitimate website created by TDHCA.

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